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They did not participate in those Games, they had their own Heraic Games. Only unmarried women were allowed to be watching the Olympic Games, as they could then find a suitable husband amongst the athletes.

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Q: What would greek women do in the olympics?
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How were the Greek Olympics different from the modern day Olympics?

we did not compete naked but they did and we did not have to stop wars to be in them and women were not aloud to be in the greek Olympics or even see them

What age should you be to enter the Greek Olympics?

You have to be at least 20 years old to enter the Olympics. Women could not watch or participate in the Greek Olympics.

What was illegal in ancient Greek Olympics?


What events did women take in Greek Olympics?


Why were women not aloud at the Olympics?

Women were not aloud in the Olympics because the Olympics honered a male Greek god called Zeus, although women weren't aloud to compete in these Olympics they were aloud to compete in another which honored Zeus wife instead.

Who weren't allowed to participate at the ancient Greek Olympics?


What were womens roles in the greek Olympics?

They were excluded, just as males were excluded from women's festivals.

What was the sole event in which women participated in the original Greek Olympics?


Did men and women take part in the greek Olympics?

no just men

Can there be a tie in the Olympics?

yes, there can be a tie. in the Greek Olympics they would both be awarded.

When were women allowed to take part in the Olympics?

durring 1990 aceit greek

What did married greek women do when they were not allowed in the Olympics?

Theywould send there daughters to report back for them !

Why did they think it was offensive to Zeus if women played in the ancient Greek Olympics?

zeus was man

Has a girl or women done the Olympics in ancient greek?

No they weren't even allowed to watch

Why couldn't women take part in the ancient Olympics?

they could not take part because the men Greeks did not believe that women were strong enough. they thought that if women participated that it would bring very bad luck to all the Greeks. if a women entered the Olympics that they would be cursed never to win a single game for 4 years or longer. if a women tried to take part in the ancient Olympic she would be put in the dungeon for 7 years. Greek were very superstitious!

Could women compete in Greek ancient Olympics?

No, it was a male-only religious celebration to Zeus. Women had their own religious ceremonies.

Why were women not alowed at the Greek Olympics?

It was a male festival in honour of the god Zeus. Women had their own religious festivals from which men were excluded.

What did contestants wear in Greek Olympics?

they were mostly naked because they felt that clothing was an obstruction for proper body movement. Women were at that time partaking in the Olympics.

Why were the Olympics stopped?

why did the greek Olympics stop why did the greek Olympics stop

Why were woman not allowed to have anything to do with the ancient Olympics?

Women were not equal to men. Greek women had a fair amount of freedom in their time, but they still were not equal.

Why cant women be in the Olympics?

Then the men would have no sandwiches to eat. Women can be in the Olympics, I don't know where the idea of a ban comes from.

What happends if married Greek women attend the Greek Olympics?

Well, it depends on who there husbands were. Say you have a goddess with a very powerful husband. he wouldn't get mad because he could see her from Olympia, but a mortal husband would get very upset if she didn't go with him. Thus, she would get smitten.

What did the women do during the Greek Olympics?

Sat at home - they were forbidden to attend this Games which were a male-only celebration to the god Zeus. Women had their own separate religious celebrations.

When were the Greek Olympics?

The Greek Olympics were originated in 776 B.C., Olympia.

Why were women not allowed in the ancient Olympics?

because only free, greek speaking men could compete. Also the men competed naked meaning that it would be inappropriate for women to be around named men. Women were also classed as second class citizens. poop.