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Monday - Chin Ups 5x5 - Squats 5x5 - Deadlift 5x5. Tuesday - Rest. Wednesday - Squats 4x6 - Deadlift 4x6 - Military Press 4x6. Thursday - Rest. Friday - Chin Ups 4x6 - Squats 3x10 - Deadlift 3x10. Saturday - Rest. Sunday - Rest. Start Routine Again. Change Routine Every Month.

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Q: What would be a good weight lifting routine?
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A good workout routine?

A good workout routine would have to be based on what you want for example if you ladies would like to get more tone or to lose weight on your stomach

Where can I learn a good weight lifting routine?

If you can afford a personal trainer, they will be able to give the best and personalized information regarding a weight lifting routine that will help to increase muscle mass. If a trainer is too expensive, one could take some group exercise classes that focus on weight training. Body Pump is a popular all over body weight training class that is taught at local gyms and community recreation centers.

Where can I find some good weight lifting routines?

A good weight lifting routine has several aspects. Start with a warm up excerise, then do 5 minutes running using treadmill, some other light cardio exercise, do five sets of increasing weight decreasing reps of the core lift you planned for that day to warm-up that muscle group.

If we do the Weight lifting is good for lose weight or not?

No. Weight lifting will burn your fat but you cannot loose weight but gain weight because you will have muscles. Muscles are heavy...

Is using weights the best way to build strength?

I believe the weight lifting is an excellent way for your body to build strength, but a good weight routine should be joined with a good balance diet and a stamina building exercise like cardio or Pilates.

Where can I learn more about good weight lifting workouts?

You can learn more about good weight lifting plans at your local fitness clubs. There are many fitness clubs spread throughout the country, and most of them offer weight lifting lessons/sessions.

Does lifting weights when you are fat make you gain weight?

Yes it does but it depends how much you do and the gained weight sometimes mean muscle. Which builds good fat. But if you workout but don't stick to a exercise and eating routine you might as well forget about losing weight!

Is weight lifting good for you?

Weight lifting as a sport, or keeping fit exercise is good for you but only in a controlled environment, you need to be lifting the correct weights otherwise you could cause yourself serious injury.

What is a good workout routine for a 31 year old man?

take 30 minute walks short distance running ON GRASS weight lifting

Is weight lifting good for your body?


Weight lifting routine for gaining weight?

Exactly, weight lifting can be a good reason to develop or improve your weight. Because by doing this you increase the work load or demand of your metabolism. Thus you need to eat nutritious food in order to counter act the behind side effect/good effect to those thin individual. It can also improve your sleep pattern at night. Many benefits can be attained if you do this activity provided you have the waiver or permission from your dietician or physician

What is the best running routine for weight loss?

A good running routine for weight loss is one that brings your heart rate up and down for the duration you are exercising. A good routine would be to jog for 2 minutes, sprint for one minute and walk fast for one minute and then repeat the cycle.

Where can I buy a good weight lifting bench?

I am sure your husband will enjoy the gift of a weight lifting bench. sells weight lifting benches and also weights. For additional information: ... Strength Training Equipment Benches

What are some good exercise workouts?

Jogging and weight lifting are good exercises.

What are some good weight lifting exercises for a beginner?

Some exercises for beginners weightlifting focuses on lifting weights weighing less to have a good practice and then gradually increase the weight with the passage of time and training.

Is the Harbinger Foam Core Weight Lifting Belt good for your back?

The Harbinger foam core belt is good for your back, but is no substitute for proper lifting technique.

Is 13 a good age to weight lift?

yea 13 is a good age to start weight lifting i started when I was only 12

What are some good weight lifting workouts for someone just starting to weight lift?

For someone that is just beginning a weight lifting program, there are some great programs for beginners. Julie Benson has beginning weight lifting DVDs in her Absolute Beginners Series that work well for people that are just getting started.

Is the Weider Weightlifting Belt Strength Training good for a begener?

Whether it be a Weider or Everlast or Valeo weight lifting belt you use for strength training, any of these trusted, durable and supportive weight lifting belts will be good for a beginner.

If you are five months pregnant whats the most you can lift?

This depends on if you were lifting things from day one. If you are use to say lifting 50lbs at a time then lifting 50lbs will not bother you nor the baby at 5months. But if you do not do any lifting, then it isn't a good idea to up and start lifting things that are heavy. Most doctors would say not to lift over 20lbs. That is about the weight of a toddler.

Would a spherical shape robot be a advantage why or why not?

Larger workenvelope than cartesian and cylinderical robot, design simple, good weight lifting capacity.

Why do people use weight lifting gloves?

Doesn't hurt your hands good grip and fells good

How often should you weight train?

4 - 5 days a week should be fine on an average. If you are a mass building cycle (Lifting heavy and trying to put on weight and muscle) then 4 days workout and 3 days rest would be good. If you are a size cutting/shaping up cycle (Lifting medium and trying to lose fat and weight and retaining muscle) then 6 days workout and one day rest would be good.

To energize myself in the morning should I do light weight lifting in the morning in addition to a cardio and weightlifting routine every other night?

It would be really good for you, depending on your age though. It depends on a lot of stuff. Also you could try a morning jog. 3-4 miles tops. If your not a runner just try stretching.

What are some good workout plans for men?

I would tell your husband to start doing pushups, sit ups, squats, weight lifting, and running on the treadmill for five miles every day. If your husband starts off doing that he will be on his way to success. If he wants to find a specific workout exercise routine, I would suggest going on the internet and browsing, there are five million hits.