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Assuming you mean that you hook it, it depends on your budget.
I bowl for college, so I have no problem dishing out $200+ on a high end Bowling ball. Just remember that you get what you pay for.

I would recommend maybe a virtual gravity (by storm) or a mutant cell (rotogrip) if you want something super aggressive.
The One Pearl (ebonite), 2nd Dimension(storm) and 715A(track) are a little shinier, they generally go longer than the other two and snap harder int he back end.
If you want something a little less agressive, go with the 505c(track), or a Vibe(hammer).
They are all really good balls and worth every dollar.

You would probably get the pin above the ring finger as a beginner, but ultimately the proshop owner you bring it to to get drilled will be able to watch the way you bowl to determine what the best layout for you would be.

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Q: What would be a good bowling ball for someone who stands in the middle and throws it out a little and brings it back also what would be the best layout for the ball?
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