What would I practice to become the best soccer player?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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EVERYTHING would be the best answer. this includes shooting, defending, dribbling, trapping, throwins, keeper skills (if desired), speed and agility drills, ect. all of these skills are important.

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Q: What would I practice to become the best soccer player?
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What do you have to do to be a very good soccer player?

You have to practice . Never give up. And practice soccer skills. Learning the positions would also help.

How can you become a professional soccer player without you ever playing with a team?

I think the only way that would be possible is if you were very very talented and you had some serious connections. Even then if they do let you, you would have to practice with them and they would decide what to do with you.

Why would someone want to become a pro soccer player?

Because if you love soccer and are good at it so you can be whatever you want

Do soccer players need education?

Yes, you need to have education to be a soccer player because the leaders of the soccer teams would not only take you and play with just because your good, no they would see if you have education to take you and become a professional soccer player.

What type of college you would attend to become a soccer player?

any school in the far the best conference for soccer and most sports in general

What would an avid soccer player be most likely to do?

An avid soccer player would be most likely to play soccer.

Will you need a job if you become a professional soccer player?

no because you would get loads of money from playing football

How can you be a soccer player?

if you would like to be a soccer player you would have to go your local rec. dept. and sign up for a team

How do you get back to playing good soccer after awhile of not playing it like six months?

I reckon just practice your kicks, and basically anything that you would do in a soccer game. Get your mojo back yeah? Practice, practice, practice is the key.

How would an aspiring young soccer player manage their life?

The term is Footballer not soccer player.

What studies do you have to have if you would like to become a pro soccer player?

Hi my name is Rachel you know why cause im cool like that.

How can you become a professional footballer or soccer player?

To become a professional football player you must enter the NFL (National Football League). To join you would have to talk to the comissioner of the NFL. Then if he accepts you will be in the free agency pool and you would be waiting for a team to sign you.