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It is Mia Haam.

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Q: What women's US soccer player has the most penaltys?
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What would an avid soccer player be most likely to do?

An avid soccer player would be most likely to play soccer.

What is the most paid soccer player?

Mia Hamm is the most payed soccer player in the world.

What colleges offer womens soccer?

Most colleges offer women's soccer. It is growing in popularity, also, so more and more colleges are offering it.

Who is the most expensive player in soccer?

kaka is the most expensive football player

Who is the most paid soccer player in the world?

the most paid soccer player is LIONEL MESSI 33 MILLION EURO A YEAR

Who is the most popular soccer player in Asia?

the most popular soccer player in Asia is Baichung Bhutia

Who holds record for the most penaltys in a NHL game?

Dave(tiger) Williams

Who has the most killed penaltys in the nhl for 2012?

St. Louis Blues with 51.

Which player is the most valuable soccer player?

Ibrahim Siddiq

Who is the most ever capped soccer player?

Kristine Lilly, US Soccer

What country has won the most world cups in womens soccer?

Germany and the U.S.A have won two world cups each.

How many people become soccer players?

At this time are very many people soccer player in Europe must soccer player are in Russia and in word Brasil have most soccer player Source:

Most expensive player in soccer?

Currently, the most most expensive player in soccer would be Cristiano Ronaldo. Whom Real Madrid bought for: £80 million

Who is the greatest Turkish soccer player of all time?

To date, Hakan Sukur is the most accomplished and greatest soccer player.

Who is the most popular player in history of the world?

Brazilian soccer star Pele is most likely the "most popular player in history" as soccer is a global game and has the general interest of most people in the world.

What soccer player has the most goals?

Pele has the most goals in the history of soccer. He scored almost 1200 goals.

Who is the most valuebal soccer player in the world?

The most valuable player now is Lionel Messi.

Most expensive soccer player?


Who was the most sucsessful soccer player?


Which soccer player has scored the most?


Professional soccer player?

The most famous professional soccer player is known all over the world but is now retired. This professional player is David Beckham.

Who is the most famous soccer player?

Messi may be the best player, but Pele is still the most famous.

Most famous soccer player from Brazil?

Most likely Pele

Who is the most famous soccer player in Frances world cup soccer team?

Zinedine Zidane

What was the world's record of having the most goals in soccer?

1,284.By Pele(Brazilian Soccer player)