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Figure Skating is the most popular winter sport to have axels.

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Figure skating

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Snow skiing

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Q: What winter sport are axels performed in?
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What winter sport are AXELS performed?

Axels are done in figure skating.

What winter sport are ''axels'' performed in?

Figure Skating is the most popular winter sport to have axels.

What winter sport are axel?

Axels are done in figure skating.

What winter sports are axels performed in?

figure skating

What winter sport are axles performed in?

In figure skating!

Is boxing a winter Olympics sport?

No, boxing is performed in the Summer Olympics.

What sport is biathlon a summer sport or winter sport?

Winter sport

Is curling a winter sport?

Yes, it is a winter sport and even it is the Winter Olympic sport.

What is the proper location for the jack when changing tires on a Jeep Wrangler Sport?

Its on the axels, see owner manual

Is basketball a fall or winter sport?

a winter sport

Is baithlon a summer or winter sport?

Winter Sport

Is fencing a winter sport?

Fencing is not an Winter Olympic sport. A sport can only be classified as Winter Olympics if it involves snow or ice of some sport. Fencing has neither. Fencing is a Summer Olympic Sport.

Is table tennis a winter or summer sport?

The table tennis is a winter sport as well as a summer sport.

Is volleyball a winter sport?

Yes volleyball can be a winter sport if you play it indoors.

Is basketball a summer sport or a winter sport?

It depends on what level of basketball you play. For any league high school or below, it's a winter sport. For college and pro basketball, it's a winter,spring,and summer sport.

What is a popular indoor winter sport?

the most popular winter sport would probably be hockey.

Is ice dance a winter olympic sport?

Yes, ice dancing is a winter Olympic sport.

Is weightlifting a winter sport or a summer sport?


What kind of sport is ice skating?

A winter sport

When was hockey declared Canada's national winter sport?

In 1994 Hockey was declared as Canada's National winter sport and Lacrosse as Canada's national summer sport

What is the worlds most popular winter sport?

Most people think skiing is the best and favorite winter sport

When did ski jumping became a winter Olympics sport?

Ski jumping has been a Winter Olympics sport since the first ever Winter Olympics in 1924.

Is Biathlon a summer or a winter sport?

Biathlon can be both a summer (running/shooting) and winter sport (skiing/shooting). In the olympics however Biathlon is considered a winter sport because they only do cross country skiing and shooting.

What is all about winter Olympics?

mate in winter its cold so who does sport in winter

Do they have winter sports in Australia?

Yes, but bear in mind that the definition of a winter sport in Australia is very different to the definition of a winter sport in countries where snow is common in winter. For example, soccer and football are both seen as winter sports.