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Start with a general awareness of the sport you are playing...

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Q: What will you need when you play a certain sport?
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You will need this when playing a certain sport?

Figure out what sport your going to play.

What do you need while playing certain sports?

To play a sport you need the gear, confidence, strength, vigor, and speed.

How sport started?

I would be more than happy to answer your question! However, it does look like we need some more clarity. Are you referring to a certain sport and how that might have come to start? Or what year a certain sport had come into play?

You will need these when playing a certain sport?


What are the things that athletes need to play a sport?

they need to be good at the sport and they need to practice a lot.

Is it okay to only date guys who play a certain sport?

yes it is it is not about what they play but how they act

If you need a broom to play what sport is that?


Do you need to play sports?

No. A person doesn't need to play any sport, if he or she chooses.

Is money important to play a certain sport?

it depends on what sport. but yes. an example of a sport that does not require much money is basketball(all u need is a ball and a hoop at a nearby park. an example of a sport that costs a lot of money is lacrosse. you need a stick which costs about 120 dollars, u need a uniform, a helmet, pads, cleated shoes, a goal post, a grass field to play on, and a ball.

How many countries need to play a sport for it to be an Olympic sport?


What equipment you need to play in the athletics?

depends what sport u play

Is snowboarding a team sport?

no Nope! Snowboarding can be done individually. It does not need to have a team to play this sport.

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