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Q: What will you do if you want to be muscular?
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You want information on muscular forces?


Can you be as muscular as the people in Dragon Ball Z?

it depends how muscular do you want to be if like goku then yeah if you want to look like super trunks then no

Do India girls want to be muscular and very strong?


How to get muscular when your establishment is to high?

If you want to get ripped, you know the well-established dietary rules.

What is a catchy phrase for the muscular system?

A catchy phrase for the muscular system should be memorable as well as conveying the message you want to be remembered. An example is 'Muscles: Long and Strong.'

What do muscular strength and muscular endurance have in common?

The word muscular

How do you spell muscular?

Muscular is how you spell muscular. The correct spelling of the adjective is muscular (of or having muscles; strong).

What is the superlative and comparative of the word muscular?

more muscular, most muscular

How are muscular endurance and muscular strength related?

muscular endurance and muscular strength are related because you need muscular strength in order to have muscular strength. also, they both require muscles to be used

Fitness test best measures muscular endurance?

There are many fitness tests of muscular endurance, such as the push up and sit up tests. The test to use depends of what muscls you want to test.

Do muscular men attract more women?

Not always. Women like to know that their men are strong enough to protect them. They want to feel safe. You can be strong and not muscular and that would be fine for a lot of women.

What is muscular in German?

muscular - muskulös

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