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People will get fat.

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In sport in 1836 biting was banned in which sport?


Which was extreme sport banned in Norway from 1978 to 1987?

Skateboarding was banned in norway.Skateboarding was banned in norway.

Why did they band tackle football from school?

Tackle football might have been banned in some schools because it was too dangerous a sport for younger boys. It is also a possibility that tackle football was banned due to a loss of school funding.

What sport was banned in 1924 and then re-instated in 1988?

what sport was banned in1924 and then reinstated in1988 The Answer for your Curves questionaire is TENNIS

When will homework be banned?

Until we figure out a way to get all the work done at school, i don't think that it will happen.

What sport do people get hanged?

Lynching. This "sport" has been banned from most countries.

Which drugs are banned in sport?

Heroin cocaine and steiroids are aloud, but estrogen pills are banned

Which sport banned lefties in1974?


What sport was banned in Scotland in 1467?


What sport has the most banned players?


Should football be banned at school?

No why should it be banned at school , it is good for the kids.

What sport was banned in Norway from 1978 - 1987?

it was skateboarding. norway banned skateboarding at this time

What will happen economically if fluorocarbons are banned?

dodododo will happen

Which sport banned in Scotland in1457?

wearing pants

Why are hats banned from school?

Hats are banned in school because they have logos. when they have ANY logo it will be banned because it mean you look like your in a gang

Why was the terrorist banned?

it is not banned it is controversal because it is not school compliant

Why was football banned fro some time in the Tudor times?

Football was banned because it was a very violent sport.

Phosphate loading sport banned?

Phosphate loading is legal.

What performance enhancing drugs have been banned in sport?


Is Tie me kangaroo down sport banned in Australia?

"Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport" is a folk song, and was very popular in the 1970s. "Sport" does not refer to a type of sport, but is a colloquial term for one's friend, rather like the word "mate". Thus, "Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport" is not banned, and it does not involve tying down kangaroos.

Women are banned from competing in which winter olympic sport?

Ski Jumping

What sport was banned by Edward 111 and Henry viii?

lawn bowls

What sport was banned by Edward 111 and Henry V111?

Lawn Bowls

What sport was banned by England missionaries because it was considered immoral?


Why was Alice's Adventures in Wonderland banned in school?

There is no reliable evidence that Alice's Adventures in Wonderland has ever been banned in school.