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All kinds of great things, you can wait to see the ppv, go read pbp ( has decent pbp to read as the ppv is airing) or read the spoilers, as soon as, they're avalible. No matter how you get the info, it will be a great ppv, like it has been 21 times before and I can't wait to order WM 22 in under a month

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โˆ™ 2006-03-08 14:39:20
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Q: What will happen at WrestleMania 22?
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wrestlemania 22 was on the 2nd of April 2006

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Well not WRESTLEMANIA 22,but WRESTLEMANIA 23..he drove a Mustang and hit the wrestelmania glass

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Did john cena beat thiple h?

yes at wrestlemania 22yes at wrestlemania 22