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Basketball and chicken

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Q: What will bounce higher baseball soccer or a basketball?
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Does a soccer ball bounce higher then a basketball?

Soccer balls. It would depend how high they came down from. As soccer balls are kicked high into the air, they probably bounce higher than basketballs which are just thrown.

Why does a tennis ball bounce higher than a basketball and soccer ball?

less weight

Why does a basketball bounce higher than a soccer ball?

i think it is because of the texture of the BALL!!<:)>

Does a soccer ball bounce?

yes soccer balls do bounce of course the bounce higher on tile or comcreate then grass though

Which ball is going to bounce the highest tennis ball basketball or soccer ball?

I believe a basketball

Why does a volleyball bounce higher than a soccer ball?

A volleyball is softer than a soccer ball.

Why does a smaller plastic ball bounce higher than a soccer ball?

Because the plastic ball has higher potential while the soccer ball has not.

What is your favorite sport Soccer Volleyball Basketball Baseball or Laccrosse?


Which bounces higher a basketball or a soccer ball?

If properly inflated, a basketball.

Does air pressure inside a soccer ball effect it's bounce?

yes. higher pressure = better bounce

Which bounce higher tennis ball or soccer ball?

Tennis balls.

If you dropped a basketball a soccer ball and a kickball which would bounce higher?

Since I just did this, (LOL) I would have to say that it mosyley depends o the amount of air that is pumped into each of them. ...Your welcome... ~M.salling1

Higher soccer ball or basketball?


Which type of grass makes a soccer ball bounce higher?

turf grass

What are Mali's sports?

Football (soccer), basketball, baseball, soccer and wrestling.

Popular sports of 1994 in America?

ice hockey, Canadian ice hockey, Canadian football, basketball, soccer, and baseball. football, basketball, soccer, and baseball.

Is soccer bigger than baseball basketball and football combined?

No. Basketball is now bigger than Soccer, Football is more popular and Baseball is more exciting

What are ten easy sports to learn?

golf, soccer, croquet, curling, soccer, baseball, basketball,, soccer, soccer, and soccer

Which is the national sport in Haiti?

Baseball and soccer and volleyball and basketball but mostly soccer

Which sport get paid the most?

soccerWell, soccer, baseball, basketball, golf....

Which sport was played first Baseball basketball football or soccer?

Soccer was played first.

Do soccer players get paid more than basketball players?

Yes soccer players get paid more than basketball player. The reason for this is that Basketball is mostly funded by the US. Soccer is funded by many countries. So soccer is the higher paid sport.

What sport do you participate in?

soccer,football,baseball, and basketball

Does a soccer ball tennis ball or basketball bounce the highest?

If you drop it, tennis ball of course. Just because the basketball is bigger it doesn't have the same situated location point. However, if you put force in it it basketball.

What sports are regulated by commissioners?

football baseball basketball soccer