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BMX will be the newest event at the 2008 Olympics. If you want to see it, you're going to need one of those "Olympics All Access" tv packages...if it's anything like the OTHER sports in the Summer Games, it'll be "let us show you ten minutes of this sport and we'll get right back to another nine straight hours of gymnastics."

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Q: What will be the newest event this year in the 2008 Olympics?
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What major event is happening in china this year 2008?

The Olympics in Beijing!

Are there any new countries in the 2008 Summer Olympics?

Yes the republic of Montenegro will be the newest nation to compete this year in Beijing ,Kosovo is going to declare independence on Feb/17/2008 if they can get their application approved by the IOC they will be second newest nation to be at the Olympics .

Who is the youngest athlete at the Olympics 2008?

The youngest athlete at the Olympics of 2008 is 12 year old Antoniette Joyce Gueida Mouaffo of Cameroon who competed for women's freestyle event.

When was the last Olympics- what year?

the last Olympics were in 2008.

What year was the Beijing Olympics held?

The Beijing Olympics were held in the year 2008.

What year were the Olympics in Beijing?


What is the year of the last Olympics?

it was 2008

What year was the beijing olympics?


How long has skateboarding been in the Olympics?

Skateboarding was run as a test event in the year 2000 summer olympics, but is not currently an event.

Year last Olympics held?


What year was track introduced in the Olympics?


What year was Rudy Fernandez in the Olympics?

in 2008

What events are in Karate for this year's Olympics in Beijing?

Karate is not and hasn't ever been an event in the Olympics. Tae Kwon Do is an Olympic event.

What year did baseball get rejected in the summer Olympics?

2012 olympics in london, but they will be in the 2008 olympics in Beijing.

What year did womens swimming become an event for the Olympics?


How often occurs Olympics game?

Every four years, but winter Olympics is not the same year. also special Olympics is a year round event.

When were the Olympics held last year?

The Olympics was last held in Beijing in 2008.

What year did the Olympics take place in China?

The Beijing Olympics were held in 2008.

What are the Olympic games going to be played at Olympics in 2008?

That was last year in Beijing. Google "Beijing Olympics 2008"

What year were the summer Olympics held in japan?


What year did china host the world Olympics?


What year was the first modern day olympics?

The year of the first modern day Olympics was 1896. The event was held in Athens, Greece.

What year did china last hold the Olympics?

China last hosted the Olympics in 2008.

In which year did abhinav bindra win gold medal in Olympics?

2008 summer Olympics

Did the winter Olympics happen in 2008 yes or no?

No its a six year delay on every olympics.