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  1. swimming freesTYLE
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Q: What will Stephanie rice compete in this year?
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What clothes does Stephanie Rice compete in?

Stephanie rice clothes compete in swimming costume.

How does Stephanie rice compete?


What time and day Stephanie Rice Compete?


How did Stephanie Rice qualify to compete in the Olympics?

By Swimming SSOO fast

What year was Stephanie Rice born in?

Stephanie Rice was born on the 17th June 1988.

What sport does Stephanie Rice compete in?

Ruygby league...... Are you serious, swimming u idiot

How many medals did stephaine rice win in the 2004 Olympics?

0 ... Stephanie did not compete in the 2004 Games in Athens.

How many medals did Stephanie rice get this year?

i think 50

Which year did Stephanie rice born?

on June 17th 1988

What competitions did Stephanie Rice compete in at the 2008 Olympics?

Stephanie Rice competed in three events at the 2008 Games in Beijing, the 200 meter individual medley, 400 meter individual medley, and the 4x200 meter freestyle relay. She won gold in all three events.

Stephanie rice's occupation?

Stephanie Rice's ocupation is a prostotue

What is Stephanie Rice's country?

Stephanie Rice represents Australia.

What is Stephanie rice full name?

Stephanie Louise rice

Who is fitter - Kim Clijsters or Stephanie Rice?

stephanie rice

What is Stephanie Rice mum's name?

Stephanie Rice's mums name is Raylene Keane. Stephanie Rice's mums name is Raylene Keane.

What countrie does Stephanie rice play for?

Stephanie Rice plays for Australia.

What is Stephanie Rice's favorite color?

Stephanie rice is favourite is green

How did Stephanie Rice start swimming?

How did Stephanie Rice start swimming?

What is the weight of Stephanie Rice?

Stephanie Rice's weight is 67.0 KG

What is Stephanie Rice's fitness attribute?

Rice is the fastest female swimmer in Australia. She was awarded the 2012 national champion of the year.

What sport dose Stephanie rice play?

Stephanie Rice does swimming as her career

What is Stephanie Rice's favorite avent?

Stephanie Rice's favourite event is breaststroke.

What is swimmer Stephanie Rice's favorite color?

Stephanie rice favorite is green

Are there any notable skills about Stephanie rice?

what is stephanie rice notable skills

What is Stephanie Rice's middle name?

Stephanie Rice's middle name is Louise.