What were the quarter scores of superbowl2012?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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In the first quarter the giants were in the lead (9-0)

In the second quarter the patriots were leading (10-9)

In the third quarter the score was (15-17)

In the fourth quarter the final score was 21-17 giants :)

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Q: What were the quarter scores of superbowl2012?
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What is the average points per quarter that a NBA team scores?

24 is the average points per quarter that an MBA team scores.

What was the 1st and 2nd quarter ending scores for Super Bowl 2011 today?

First quarter: Green Bay 14, Pittsburgh 0. Second quarter: Green Bay 21, Pittsburgh 10.

What was the quarter scores of Super Bowl 2009?

1. 0 to 3 2.7 to 17 3.? 4.23 to 27

What was the quarter scores of super bowl xxxviii?

After 1st Quarter: Packers 14 - Steelers 0 After 2nd Quarter: Packers 21 - Steelers 10 After 3rd Quarter: Packers 21 - Steelers 17 After 4th Quarter: Packers 31 - Steelers 25

If a team scores a touchdown while time expires in the first quarter of a game when do they kick the extra point?

In the first qaurter

What are all super bowl fist quarter scores?

there will never be an exact answer for the question that you are asking but its an average of 10-11 in most cases.

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When is a kickoff used in football?

A kick-off usually starts the game off at the first quarter and again at the third quarter after halftime. Kick-offs also occur when one team scores against their opponent.

When are kick-offs performed during a football game?

Kick offs are allowed at the beginning of the game, the start of the third quarter and after a team scores.

How many points does a team have if it scores 10 in the first quarter and 5 in each of the other quarters?

10 + 5 + 5 + 5 = 25

A football team is likely to score a touchdown at any time during a game What is the probability it scores during the third quarter?


What was the ending scores at the end of each quarter in the 2010 super bowl?

Super Bowl XLIV Score at the end of each quarter. Quarter 1 Indianapolis 10, New Orleans 0 Quarter 2 Indianapolis 10, New Orleans 6 Quarter3 Indianapolis 17, New Orleans 16 Quarter 4 Indianapolis 17, New Orleans 31