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Super Bowl XXI - Giants v. Denver Broncos

Giants favored by 9 1/2 - Final score: Giants 39, Broncos 20 Super Bowl XXV - Giants v. Buffalo Bills

Bills favored by 8 - Final score: Giants 20, Bills 19 Super Bowl XXXV - Giants v. Baltimore Ravens

Ravens favored by 3 - Final score: Ravens 34, Giants 7 Super Bowl XLII - Giants v. New England Patriots

Patriots favored by 12 - Final score: Giants 17, Patriots 14

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2008-02-06 03:15:09
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Q: What were the point spreads on all of the Giants Super Bowls?
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What was the first Super Bowls to have the two point in Super Bowl Appearances?

Cowboys and Texans

Who did New York Giants beat by a point in the super bowl?


Were two point conversions allowed in the 1966-'69 Super Bowls as the AFL had them from 1960-69?


What was the point spread of Super Bowl XXV?

According to Wikipedia, the Bills were an eight point favorite over the Giants in Super Bowl XXV.

What was the point spread for super bowl 21?

The New York Giants were 9 point favorites over the Denver Broncos ... the Giants won 39-20.

Who did the New York Giants beat by a point in the closest Super Bowl?

Buffalo Bills

What was the point spread before the 2008 Super Bowl?

Patriots +12 over the Giants.

How many Super Bowls did the patriots win by a field goal?

The Patriots won all 3 of their Super Bowls against the Rams, Panthers and Eagles by a 3 point margin (the point value of a field goal), but only their wins against the Rams and Panthers had the field goal be the game winner.

Who did the New York Giants beat by a point in the closest Super Bowl ever?

Buffalo Bills

What team did the New York giants beat by a point in the closest super bowl ever?

The New York Giants defeated the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXV. The score was 20 - 19.

What teams have won the Super Bowl 4 times?

No teams remain at this point with 4 Super Bowl wins. The Pittsburgh Steelers, Dallas Cowboys, and San Francisco 49ers have each won 5 Super Bowls. So in a sense they have each won 4 Super Bowls but no longer remain at that number.

The closest score in a Super Bowl was decided by how many points?

Super Bowl XXV between the New York Giants and Buffalo Bills was decided by 1 point with the Giants winning 20-19.

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