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Cowboys and Texans

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Q: What was the first Super Bowls to have the two point in Super Bowl Appearances?
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Were two point conversions allowed in the 1966-'69 Super Bowls as the AFL had them from 1960-69?


What teams have won the Super Bowl 4 times?

The San Francisco 49ers (5-0) are the only team with multiple appearances to never lose a Super Bowl. Three other teams have won in their only appearances: the NY Jets, Baltimore Ravens and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.The New Orleans Saints could join the list of one-time winners if they defeat the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XLIV (outcome pending).

How many Super Bowls did the patriots win by a field goal?

The Patriots won all 3 of their Super Bowls against the Rams, Panthers and Eagles by a 3 point margin (the point value of a field goal), but only their wins against the Rams and Panthers had the field goal be the game winner.

Which team has played in four super bowls but has never led at any point during the game?

The Minnesota Vikings, who were the losing team in Super Bowls IV, VIII, IX and XI.

What is the difference between the total number of points scored by the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowls and the total number of points scored by their opponents?

The Steelers have a +29 point differential throughout the 8 Superbowls they played in.

Who kicked the first extra point in super bowl history?

Don Chandler of the Green Bay Packers was the first player to kick an extra point in Super Bowl history.

What was the lowest point spread in Super Bowl history?

The lowest point spread of a super bowl was one point

What team had the biggest margin of victory in a Super Bowl game during the decade of the 80's?

High powered offenses were the signature of the best teams of the 1980's, this lead to huge point spreads not only in regualr season games but also the Super Bowls. The biggest Super Bowl spread in the 80's was teh blowout win by the 49ers over the Broncos in Super Bowl XXIV with a score of 55-10.

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What NFL team scored the first point in the opening game of a season and also scored the last point to win the Super bowl in the same season?

the New York Giants

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