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The NFL's first season was 1920. The teams were: Akron Pros

Buffalo All-Americans

Decatur Staleys

Rock Island Independents

Dayton Triangles

Chicago Cardinals

Canton Bulldogs

Cleveland Tigers

Detroit Heralds

Chicago Tigers

Columbus Panhandles

Muncie Flyers

Rochester Jeffersons

Hammond Pros Of the original teams, all have folded except for the Decatur Staleys, now the Chicago Bears, and the Chicago Cardinals, now the Arizona Cardinals.

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The well known football/soccor teams are:







Netherlands (Holland)

they are the most popular teams, but at the end of this world cup 2010, teams like Uruguay and paraguay have got further than some top teams. the world cup has opened up now to any team that can beat the top teams. in the final in 2010 i guess it will be Holland vs Germany, but Holland beat Uruguay and we've got to see if Germany will beat Spain, i don't think Germany will have trouble personally. Germany have improved since their tournament in 2006.

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The Mayans were the first ones who played soccer.

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Staleys - cardinals

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Q: What were the original professional football teams?
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