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Yes most teams are professional or semi-professional in the Scottish Football League. Queens Park are famously amateur.

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Q: Are there any professional teams outside the SPL in Scotland?
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How many teams have won the SPL?

Only two teams have won the SPL, Celtic and Rangers.

Who is the best team in Scotland?

As attendances this year will prove, it is Rangers. They may be in 3rd division, however are still outselling all SPL teams.

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The three Great Britain countries have their own teams. The England, Wales, and Scotland football teams are all different. Most players from all teams play club football in England but all have separate national teams. --As does Northern Ireland (ie the four UK countries have their own football teams). The English football league is the dominant league system, followed by Scotland's SPL. Wales focuses more on Rugby, and their best teams play in the English league (currently Cardiff, Swansea and Wrexham) as the Welsh league is not strong enough for them. Northern Ireland has its own league, but the best Northern Irish players usually play in the English or Scottish league, or outside fo the British Isles (though none of its teams play in England).

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