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the negitive effects the temple of china are the rocks may fall on the ground and can fall on the visitors

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Q: What were the negative effects of the Temple of Heaven in China?
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How do you get into the temple of heaven on the sims 3 world adventures?

The temple of Heaven in sims 3 is in China.

How many people visit the temple of heaven in china a year?

6.3 million

What places in China are sacred?

There are a number of sacred places in China. Some of these places include Giant Buddha of Leshan, Temple of Heaven, Jokhang Temple and Great Mosque of Xi'an among others.

What negative effects did geography take on ancient china?

yah mum

How has the Huang He had both positive and negative effects on China?

it says hello

What were the negative and positive effects on China?

POSITIVE: china contained so many resourses it did not have to go and look for materials and goods

How do you xxplain two negative effects of china's family planning policy?

Marie is amazing.

What are two negative effects on China's family planning policy?

hundreads of thousands of children would die every year in china

Does china have any intresting landmarks?

Yes, it does. The Forbidden City, the Hanging Gardens, the terra-cotta army, wall of China, temple of heaven, Tiananmen Square, mt. Everest

When was the first temple in China built?

The first Temple in China was built in 1492

Where would you find the first temple in china?

The Baima Temple (White Horse Temple) in Luoyang, Henan Province, was the first Buddhist Temple in China.

What are negative effects on China because of the Three Gorges Dam?

displacement of larege population destroys the beauty

How did the mandate if heaven affect government in china?

how did the mandate of heaven affect government in china

When was Hong Kong China Temple created?

Hong Kong China Temple was created in 1996.

What is famous things china?

The Great Wall of China, The Forbidden City, The Temple of Heaven, The Terracotta Warriors, there are many beautiful parks and bodies of water you can visit. There are jade, pearl, and silk factories that you can tour.

Negative effects of China's One Child Policy?

China's one child policy is unfair as you're aloud to have another child if it's a girl but not if it's a boy

What is Mandate of Heaven in China?

It is the blessing of god or heaven to a good ruler.

What effects has China's open door policy had on the economy?

The effects is the China which you are seeing today.

What are the negative effects of technology on social impacts?

The One and Only Negative effect is "GLOBAL WARMING",and we all r sufring from it and we can see so many examples Of 'Flood' in India and in China,etc...

Is The Great Wall of China a temple?


Is the Temple of Heaven a Buddhist temple?

It is Pre-Buddhist. Before Buddhism came to Chinafrom India, the Chinese were originally monotheisticand believed in the God, Shang-Ti. The temple ofHeaven is dedicated to this God.

Did imperialism have a positive or negative effect on China?


What are the main tourists attractions in china?

-The Great Wall of china -The Forbidden city -The Terracotta Warriors -The Temple of Heaven -Rick-shaw tours -Jade, pearl, and silk factory tours

When was the first Buddhist temple built?

The White Horse temple built in China is believed to be the first Buddhist temple. The temple dates back to AD 68.

Confucianism place of worship?

in temple in china