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1969 Philadelphia Phillies Roster Pitchers 28 John Boozer 31 Bill Champion 32 Turk Farrell 22 Woodie Fryman 29 Grant Jackson 30 Jeff James 33 Jerry Johnson 34 Barry Lersch 26 Lowell Palmer 28 Luis Peraza 25 Al Raffo 41 Chris Short 31 Gary Wagner 24 Bill Wilson 38 Rick Wise Catchers 7 Vic Roznovsky 9 Mike Ryan 2 Dave Watkins Infielders 15 Dick Allen 19 Terry Harmon 18 Rick Joseph 5 Don Money 16 Cookie Rojas 10 Gene Stone 8 Tony Taylor Outfielders 23 Rich Barry 12 Johnny Briggs 6 Johnny Callison 4 Larry Hisle 11 Deron Johnson 23 Don Lock 40 Scott Reid 3 Ron Stone Other batters 23 Leroy Reams Manager 1 Bob Skinner 47 George Myatt Coaches 46 Billy DeMars 47 George Myatt -- Andy Seminick -- Al Wi

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Q: What were the names of the 1969 Philadelphia Phillies team?
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1959-1961 and 1963-1969: St. Louis Cardinals 1970-1971: Philadelphia Phillies 1972: Philadelphia Phillies, Montreal Expos 1973: St. Louis Cardinals 1974: St. Louis Cardinals, Boston Red Sox 1975: Boston Red Sox, Philadelphia Phillies 1976-1980: Philadelphia Phillies

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they are affiliated with the philadelphia phillies.

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The Phillies are a baseball team in Philadelphia. Their season schedule can be found on the Phillies' website as well as on the Major League Baseball site.

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