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The four teams in the 2010 NCAA final four are:

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Q: What were the four teams in the 2010 NCAA final four?
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Who are the final four?

The "Final Four" are the four teams that win the regional championships in the NCAA basketball tournament, thus becoming the final four teams in the tournament.

What are the final four of the March Madness?

The Final Four are the last standing teams of March Madness in either NBA or NCAA basketball. There are two final games involving the Final Four, two games involving two of the Final Four teams. The two teams that win each of the Final Four games move on to the National Championship, the final game of the season (for NCAA).

How do you get into the final four?

By making to the last four teams in the NCAA March Madness tournament

What teams are expected to play in the NCAA final four in 2008?

The Final Four teams in the 2008 NCAA March Madness tournament were UCLA, Memphis, Kansas, and North Carolina. Kansas went on to win the tournament.

Where is the site of the 2010 NCAA Men's Final Four?


What city hosts the 2010 NCAA Final Four?


Who was in the ncaa mens final four in 2011?

The 2010 Final Four were Connecticut, Butler, Kentucky and Virginia Commonwealth.

What mens teams are in the NCAA's final four?

North Carolina Kansas UCLA Memphis

What two NCAA basketball teams played the final four in their hometown?

Bulls and warriors

What NCAA teams made the Final Four in 2008?

For the first time in NCAA history, all number one seeds advanced to the Final Four: * Kansas * Memphis * UCLA * North Carolina

What NCAA teams made the Final Four?

The teams that made the final four were Kentucky, Duke, Syracuse, and University of Connecticut. Kentucky won against all of them and celebrated by drinking whiskey.

What NCAA teams made the Final Four in 2007?

Florida, Ohio State, UCLA and Georgetown.

What mens teams are in the 2011 NCAA final four basketball?


What two teams have player each other the most in the NCAA Final Four?

kansas ucla

How many times has Butler been in the final four in the NCAA?

2010 is Butler's first time in the final four so 1.

What player won the NCAA final four twice playing for two different teams?

Bob Bender was on the 1976 NCAA champs at Indiana and then with Duke in the 1978 final when they lost to Kentucky.

What were the final four teams in the 2009 NCAA tournament?

North Carolina, Connecticut, Villinova, and Michigan State

What are the names of the schools that are in the NCAA Final Four?

The 2010 final four has Butler vs. Michigan state and Duke vs. West Virginia.

What year did the Final Four for the NCAA play in Denver?

The NCAA Final Four was played in Denver in 1990.

Will the NCAA Final Four men's basketball teams be reseeded?

No, they all are still ranked as they originally seeded in their division.

What state has had most teams in the history of the NCAA tournament?

North Carolina has had the most Final Four teams, with UNC going to 18 Final Fours, Duke 15, and NC State 2, for a total of 35 teams.

How many teams from Kentucky for March Madness 09?

there were four(4) teams from Kentucky that played in the NCAA tournament there were four(4) teams from Kentucky that played in the NCAA tournament

What 4 teams did president Obama pick for NCAA final four?

kansas, louisville, ohio state, north carolina

What teams participated in the 1979 men's NCAA basketball final four?

Michigan State, Indiana State, DePaul and Penn.

Is this - 2008 - the only time that four No. 1 seed teams have played in the NCAA men's basketball?

Yes, the 2008 NCAA Men's Basketball tournament is the first one where all four #1 seeds made the Final Four.