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Sheffield in England are the first ever football team. I don't know the very oldest football team but the oldest professional club still in existence is Notts County, who play at the Meadow Lane stadium in Nottingham, England. They currently play League Two, the fourth tier of English football, they are somewhat overshadowed in Nottingham by Nottingham Forest which is a much more famous team, winning back to back European Cups in 1979 and 1980. The two clubs are located just across the River Trent from each other, although the Forest ground is actually located outside the city boundary. Ironically for the oldest professional club in the world they have never one the top flight of English football and have only ever had moderate success. The first recorded Football game took place in the year 217 in Derby, England, just a short distance away from Nottingham on Shroove Tuesday.

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Q: What were the first Football teams?
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