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The term "mush" isn't actually used in dog sledding much anymore. The work "hike!" is the most common word to get the dogs going, not that they need any words. Sled dogs are bred to run and running is always on their mind. Simply lifting your snow hook will get the dogs going.

To have your dogs pick a different trail you can say "gee" to go right or "ha" to go left. These terms come from horse training. The other term that the dogs learn but commonly disobey is "whoa" to stop. These guys don't really like to stop.

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Q: What were the commands used for sled dogs?
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How can one get started with sled dogging?

One can started in sled dogging by purchasing a sled and eight to ten sled dogs. One must live in a climate that supports sled dogging and be good with animals. The dogs must be trained to obey commands and one must have the room to house the dogs.

What is the name of the sled dog that helps turn the team?

Well the lead dogs technically turn the team. They follow your commands. But the swing dogs help turn the sled.

Who used the first sled dogs?


What is a group of dogs that pull a sled called?

A group of sled dogs is called a "Team" of sled dogs.

What were husky use for in antarctica?

Huskies were used as working dogs: mostly as sled dogs.

What do you call the winner of the Iditarod race?

An Iditarod racer is called a musher. A musher is the proper name of a dog sled driver, no matter if the driver is a professional dog sled racer or an amateur. Dog sled was the fastest method of overland travel for the native tribes in the Arctic regions of Russia, Canada and America. Mushers control their dogs by means of vocal commands. One of the commands used to get the dogs running is the word, "mush," although that command has fallen out of favor in recent years.

How many dogs per sled on average?

there would be 7 dogs on a sled

What type of animals are used for transport in the Arctic?

sled dogs... and that's it....

Do people in Alaska ski or sled?

Yes they do they mostly do it in the winter of course. I know this because i live in Alaska...

Can sled dogs lose confidence in musher?

Sled dogs do not lose confidence, infac it can help

What did Scott use to get to the south pole?

"I used a team of sled dogs" -Scott.Another AnswerScott took ponies and mechanical vehicles to Antarctica, but man-hauled sleds on his trek to the South Pole. Amundsen used sled dogs.

Do sled dogs live in packs'?

They tend to live in there sled packs that they pull the sled in