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The circumstances for the first dirt bikes where to entertain the world

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Q: What were the causescircumstances of the first dirt bikes appearance?
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Which came first dirt bikes or motorcycles?

dirt bikes

Is there a difference in dirt bikes and bikes?

yes, dirt bikes are motorized

When did dirt bikes first come out?


Who started racing dirt bikes?

Everybody that races dirt bikes "started" racing dirt bikes at some point.

How many years have dirt bikes been invented?

dirt bikes in the past had less gears and power then dirt bikes have today

What kind of dirt bikes are there?

The two main types of dirt bikes are motocross and trail bikes. Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Honda all make these types of dirt bikes.

Generic dirt bikes for sale?

There are a few dirt bikes that you can buy that are cheap. Some generic dirt bikes you can buy are 200 CC, Yamaha and you can have bikes shipped to you from China.

Are dirt bikes illegal in pa?

no dirt bikes arn't illegal

Do you need a license for dirt bikes?

Do you need a license for dirt bikes

Are mini bikes like dirt bikes?

no there not dirt bike is better

What materials was used to make the first dirt bike?

all the materails used today for dirt bikes

Do dirt bikes have vin numbers?

Yes Dirt Bikes Have Vin Numbers.

Who made Kawasaki Dirt bikes?

Shozo Kawasaki made dirt bikes.

Why are dirt bikes called dirt bikes?

B/c that's what they're usually ridden on - dirt or soil.

First dirt bike trick made up?

Dirt bikes have their origin in Britain, where crazy people took their newfangled motorcycles and started racing them around fields in scrambling competitions. There were no specialised bikes, everyone was running "road bikes", so the first trick was probably a powerslide

What are facts about about dirt bikes?

dirt bikes are awesome who ever says they suck are lame

What products and services do Dirt Bikes USA provide?

Dirt Bikes USA provides various dirt bikes for sell. They do not offer any additional products or services for sell.

Are Honda dirt bikes better that kawasaki dirt bikes?

They both are very good bikes, but if i had to choose i would buy a Kawasaki.

When was the first dirt bike made and by what company?

Most of the first motorcycles made were basically bicycles with an internal combustion engine strapped on somehow. These bikes were constructed just as "roads" were beginning to appear, so they were built to ride off road as well. Therefore, even the first motorcycles could be referred to as "dirt bikes". So dirt bikes (and street bikes) have been around since the dawn of motorycling, just at the time they were simply considered regular motorcycles.

Where can someone buy dirt bikes?

PowersportsMax is a good place to buy dirt bikes online. If looking for a store to buy dirt bikes at, simply go to the local dirt bike store, as it varies from location to location

What are the differences of dirt bikes and race cars?

whats better dirt bikes or race cars

Where can you find cheap dirt bikes?

craigslist is alot like eBay except you don't bid on anything .there is always things on there for cheap.its not just for dirt bikes but everything else you can think of as wellCheap dirt bikes are for sale online on eBay and Amazon. Amazon has the best dirt bikes but eBay has the most cheap and affordable dirt bikes for most people.

What stores offer Honda dirt bikes for sale?

Honda dirt bikes for sale are offered by Cycle Trader, Dirt Bike Sales, Buy Dirt Bikes Online, Team Moto, Pelham Moto Sports and Ride Honda. These shops offer also guarantee on these bikes.

How do you get a dirt bike on Grand Theft Auto 3?

there are no dirt bikes on gta 3. dirt bikes come in on vice city f.y.i

Are dirt bikes cool?

if you dont like dirt bikes "il throw a granade at you ohh ohh"