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Q: What were peresident harry goals?
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Who is the peresident of Brazil?

dilma rousseff

What goals did Harry Houdini have?


What are Harry's life goals?

Outside of defeating Voldemort, Harry wanted to be an auror.

What are Harry Potters's goals?

Outside of defeating Voldemort, Harry wanted to be an auror.

How many goals has harry kewell ever scored?

121 goals (but this is off wiki)

What are Harry Potter's life goals?

Outside of defeating Voldemort, Harry wanted to be an auror.

What are Harry Potters's life goals?

Outside of defeating Voldemort, Harry wanted to be an auror.

Who protects the goal in Harry Potter?

In Harry Potter, the person who protects the goals in Qudditch is the Keeper.

Who was the peresident before Nixon?

Theador d. rosevelt, i think Lyndon Baines Johnson

What were some of Harry S Trumans goals?

To increase the minimum wage (APEX)

How many goals did harry redknapp score in his west ham days?


What were Harry S Trumans goals?

It was to, become president and help end thwe war for America.

Who has scored most goals in the fa cup?

Ian Rush of livepool has scored the most goals in Fa Cup. 39 goals. ludin ian rush is the second top scorer in the fa cup. the top scorer is harry cursham who scored 49 goals in the 1870s and 1880s for notts county.

Who is the peresident of US?

the president of the united states is president Barack Obama. Barack Obama is also the first black president the united states has ever had.

What year was the first president elected office?

In 1789 the first president General Gearge Washinton was elected president and John Adams was elected vice peresident

How well did the book Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone achieves its goals?

The purpose of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stoneis to entertain. Given its popularity and fan following of the series as a whole, it can be concluded that the book has definitely entertained.

How long do you elect the peresident?

Elections last one day. However, absentee votes may be sent in early. Sometimes early voting is allowed prior to election day.

Why are the goals wider then football goals?

The goals are precisely as wide as football goals. They are football goals.

Ang peresident namatay dahil sa pagbagsak ng eroplano?

siya si ramon magsaysay (namatay sya sa pagbagsak ng eroplano sa mount manunggal)

What are destructive goals?

The goals which can not meet are destructive goals or you can say that goals which are incomplete.

Who are Liverpool fc 10 top goal scorers?

In Liverpool, Merseyside there is an English professional football association club that is currently playing in the Premier League they are called Liverpool Football Club. And their top 10 goal scorer are 10. Sam Raybould with a total of 130 goals, 9. Steven Gerrard with 149 goals, 8. Harry Chambers 151 goals, 7. Michael Owen 158 goals, 6. Kenny Dalglish 172 goals, 5. Robbie fowler in 183 goals, 4. Billy Liddell in 228 goals, 3. Gordon Hodgson with 241 goals, 2. Roger Hunts 286, and the top goal scorer is Ian Rush with a total of 346 goals.

What is educational goals?

educational goals are goals that will help you learn more. basicly goals that you set for your education

What is the goals of catering?

goals of catering

How many goals did cronaldo scored?

103 goals and messi 135 goals

How many goals total goals has Pele?

World Cup: 12 goals