What were old shuttlecocks made from?

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They were made of feathers.

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Q: What were old shuttlecocks made from?
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What are the best shuttlecocks made from?

shuttlecocks are usually made from feather from goose (geese) but RSL Classic Tourney feather shuttlecocks are very good and yonex make good shuttlecocks too.

What are badminton shuttlecocks made of?

Badminton Shuttlecocks are made of Feathers sometimes it can be Plastic for kids who buys badminton their shuttlecocks are made of plastic then for the teens and adults when they buy a shuttlecock it is made of white feathers

What were the origanal shuttlecocks made of?


Why did shuttlecocks change?

because in winter the old ones will shrink

Are genuine feathers used in a shuttlecock?

in old style and very good quality shuttlecocks they use real feathers. Most though are made of plastic

What are shuttlecocks usea for?


In which sport do you use a shuttlecock?

A shuttlecock is traditionally made with goose feathers stuck into a cork base, but rubber and plastic shuttlecocks are more common now, as they are less easier to become damaged or ripped. The sport that shuttlecocks are used in is badminton.

How do shuttlecocks fly?

Shuttlecocks do not fly, however it travels in the speed and direction that the players hit and control with the badminton racquet in their hands.

Why store shuttlecocks upright?

If you store shuttlecocks on their sides, the 'feathering' will be bent in on the bottom side, and the shuttlecock will no longer fly straight and long.

What actors and actresses appeared in Shuttlecocks - 2005?

The cast of Shuttlecocks - 2005 includes: Christina Desiderio as Christina the Vixen Jonathan Fahn

What other names are there for the game of badminton?


How did badminton changes?

Well the rackets and the shuttlecocks changed

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