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first in 1920 Decatur Staleys, second in 1921 Chicago Staleys, third 1/28/1922 Chicago Bears

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Q: What were Chicago Bears called before?
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What were the chicago bears called before 1922?

The Chicago Staleys and before that the Decatur Staleys.

What did Chicago Bears were called before?

The Decatur Staleys

What were the bears before Chicago Bears?

The bears where the Chicago Staley's

Why are the Chicago Bears called the Bears?

because the word bears is in the word Chicago BEARS.

Why are the Chicago bears called the Chicago Bears?

when the team was first created they were called the Staleys, but the owner wanted to reflect the Chicago Cubs, so their name got changed to the Chicago Bears

What city were the Chicago Bears in before Chicago?


What is the mascot for the Chicago Bears?

The Chicago Bears Mascot is a bear named Staley. the name comes from the original team named the Decatur Staleys. Staley da Bear is the mascot for the team called the Chicago Bears. Before Staley da Bear there were other official mascots. The mascot is well known.

What font do the Chicago Bears use?

The font that the Chicago Bears use is called London Black. It was designed by Dennis Ortiz-Lopez. The Bears play at Soldier Field.

What were the Chicago Bears called in the 1920s?

The Decatur Staleys became the Chicago Staleys in 1921 and were renamed the Chicago Bears when George Halas bought the right to the club in 1921.

Did the Chicago Bears play for any other cities?

The Bears originally represented Decatur Illinois as the Decatur Staleys before moving to Chicago in 1921.

Why arnt the Chicago Bears called the cardnals anymore?

The Bears were never the Cardinals they were the Decatur Staleys, later named Chicago Bears. The Chicago Cardinals were another Chicago owned team that moved around after the 50's and now reside in Arizona.

Why is the NFL team in Chicago called the Bulls?

The Chicago NFL team is actually called the Chicago Bears not the Bulls. However the Chicago NBA team is the Bulls.

What is the history of the Chicago Bears?

the history of the Chicago bears is that they where not always called the bears they were origanily called the Chicago staleys. the in the 1920 the nfl had begun and seventeen teams were chosen. the coach for the staley bears was Horge halas and he was going on and off. in the late 1920 Gorge halas came up with name the Chicago bears because they were playing at the cubs stadium and Gorge halas thought that football players were bigger than baseball players.

Why did Chicago Bears get their name bears?

Chicago chose the name bears because when the moved to chicago they were chicago staleys,and they changed there name to bears as a follow up to chicago's baseball team the chicago cubs.

What team does Matt forte play for?

Chicago bears Chicago bears Chicago bears Chicago bears

What was the name of the Chicago Bears before the got there name?

Decatur Staleys

What is the football stadium in Chicago called?

soldier field is the football team that the Chicago bears call home

Who sponsored the Chicago Bears?

They started out in Decator, IL with the sponsorship of the Staley Starch Co. They were called the Staley Bears.

Were the Chicago Bears cheerleaders nicknamed the junkyard cats in 1985 when they won the Super Bowl?

No. They were called the Honey Bears.

How many fans do the Chicago Bears have?

The Chicago Bears have billions. Da they are Da Bears.

Who was called the refrigerator on the Chicago Bears football team?

William Perry

Which Chicago Bears player was called the punky qb?

Jim McMahon

Who was the star field goal kicker for Chicago Bears in 1930s?

Bob Allman. He went to Michigan St before playing for the Bears.

Where can you purchase Chicago Bears tickets online?

The Chicago Bears fan site, or NFL web page. You're going to want to purchase them before season, if you don't they will be extremely pricey or they will be sold out.

What state do the Chicago Bears come from?

The Chicago Bears team is based in Chicago, Illinois.