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there are so many Ways:

when the batsman fail to play the ball and it hit to stump that called bowled.

The ball hit the bat and the ball caught by the fielder without touching the ground it's catch out.

the ball hit batsman pad and the ball vartuly going in the stump so it called LBW

leg before the wicket.

the player doesn't make to the crease and the fielder throw the ball and it hit the stump and the batsman is not in the crease so its call runout.

There is somany ways but mostly player gets out like this.there are 3 more ways but mostly player are getting out like this.

other ways are obstrecting the field(once inzmam get out), handale the ball, and time out.

Batsman can get out by following types:-

1) Catch out

2) Bowled

3) Stumping

4) Runout

5) Hit wicket

6) LBW

7) Handling the ball

8) Distracting the field

9) Timeout

10) Not offering a shot (similar to LBW but in this case umpire can give the batsman out if he thinks that batsman is not offering a shot and hitting it with pad, ball may or may not be going to hit stump)

Number 10 is actually LBW. The 10th way is Hitting the ball twice.

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A cricket player can be called out in any of the following ways:

  • Bowled Out: A bowler's delivery strikes the batsman's stumps knocking the bails off.
  • Caught: A struck ball is caught on the fly by a fielder even if it hits pads after
  • Run Out: A batsman or runner has the stumps in the crease he's running to hit by an outfield player with enough force to knock down the bowlers before he has made good his ground at that crease.
  • Stumped: A batsman or runner is stumped when the wicket keeper is holding the ball knocks the bails down.
  • Leg Before Wicket: (LBW) A batsman uses his leg to block a ball that would've stricken the wicket, the ball must hit the pads or body first. This form of dismissal is especially controversial and is a huge reason why cricket uses a replay umpire.
  • Hit the Ball Twice: If a batsman hits the ball twice he is declared out.
  • Timed Out: Next batsman in the order for batting does not report to his wicket within 3 minutes of the last batsman's dismissal
  • Hit Wicket: The batsman inadvertently knocks down the bails at his end.
  • Handled The Ball: If the batsman intentionally handles the ball he is called out.
  • Obstructed The Field: Given if the batsman or a runner intentionally interferes with a fielder or with the ball whilst it is in the air.
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There are 11 ways of getting out. The most common are bowled, caught, run out or LBW. The 11 are:- 1. Retired - If any batsman leaves the field of play without the Umpire's consent for any reason other than injury or incapacity, he is recorded as being Retired - out unless the opposing captain says he can play on. 2. Bowled - This is where the bowler's delivery hits the stumps and knocks a bail off the top, either directly or after being deflected by the bat or batsman's body. 3. Timed Out - If a new batsman isn't ready to bat within three minutes of the last batsman being out then the new batsman is out. 4. Caught - This is where the ball is caught by any of the fielding team after being struck by the bat or the batsman's gloves before the ball hits the ground. 5. Handled the Ball - If the batsman touches the ball without the fielders' permission then the batsman is out on appeal. 6. Hit the Ball Twice - This is where the batsman intentionally hits the ball twice with the bat, usually to stop the ball hitting the stumps or to stop the ball being caught. 7. Hit wicket - This is where the batsman knocks a bail off the top off the stumps either with the bat or leg. A batsman isn't out if the batsman hits the wicket to prevent a run-out or a part of the batsman's equipment falls off onto the stumps. 8. Leg Before Wicket (LBW) - If the batsman uses any part of his body to block a bowl that would have hit the wicket, then the batsman is out. The batsman is only out if the point of impact is within the lines between the batsman's and bowler's stump if the batsman hits a stroke or the ball hits the batsman outside the off-stump or between the lines between the stumps if the batsman doesn't hit a stroke. 9. Obstructing the Field - If the batsman obstructs the fielders either by actions or words then the batsman is out, but the batsman can stand in front of the fielders. The batsman can be given out for obstruction if they hit the ball being thrown back to the stumps. 10. Stumped - If the batsman steps over the crease and leaves no part of his body or bat on the ground behind the crease, then the wicket-keeper can knock a bail off the stumps then the batsman is out. This is usually done with spin Bowling as the wicket-keeper is close to the stumps. 11. Run-out - This is where the fielder uses the ball to knock the bails off the stumps when the batsman is running between the creases. The batsman closest to the broken stumps is out. Batsmen can't be out if any part of the batsman's body or bat is behind the crease unless both batsmen are behind the same crease. A run-out can only be called if a fielder has touched the ball, so if the batsman hits the ball into the other batsman's stumps then no batsmen are out.

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there are 10 ways to get out

# Bowled # caught

# run out # stumped # lbw # timed out # handling the ball # hit wicket # obstructing the field # hitting bowl twice

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Q: What ways can you be out in cricket?
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