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well undertaker is very old it's his 19th wrestlemania he fought alot of men.

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Q: What was wrong with the undertaker after his match with Triple H?
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Did the undertaker die after his match with Triple H?

No he didnt die after his match with triple h

Who won the match in undertaker and Triple H?

the undertaker

Who won the match in WrestleMania 27 between Triple H and the Undertaker?

Undertaker. He defeated Triple H by submission.

Triple H vs undertaker?

undertaker won the match.

Who won with undertaker and Triple H?

Undertaker won but Triple H was in control for most of the match so I believe if Triple H would not have submited he would have won.

Who won undertaker vs Triple H match wrestlemania xxvii?


Did Triple H beat The Undertaker at WrestleMania 27?

No. Undertaker won the match.

How many times have Triple H and Undertaker been in a elimination chamber match?

Once, this year at noway out triple h and undertaker meet in a chamber.

Has there ever been a match between the undertaker and Triple H?

Yes they have wrestled before. In fact the Undertaker has beaten Triple H at Wrestlemania before

Where is the undertaker currently?

Undertaker is currently resting from his match with Triple H at Wrestlemania 27.

How long is Triple H suspended?

Triple H is not suspended. He is just taking a break from a match with Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

How won the match Triple H vs undertaker 2011?

everyone is saying Undertaker won

Will Triple H beat the undertaker at wrestlmania 27?

Triple H will defeat Undertaker because Triple H is better than ever so Undertaker doesn't have a chance to beat me. And if I am wrong I am in San Diego. Undertaker is gonna win its planned.

When will Undertaker vs Triple H WrestleMania?

The Undertaker and Triple h battled at wrestlemania 27 in a no barred match on April the 3 2011 at ATLANTA IN GEORGIA STADIUM

How did the undertaker beat Triple H at WrestleMania?

After a grueling No holds Barred match, Triple H tapped out to Hell's Gate.

Who won the match undertaker vs Triple H wrestlemania 28?

i did :)

What was undertaker last match?

wrestlemania 28 vs triple H

Who won Triple H or undertaker?

Actually Undertaker won But he was carried out on a stretcher It was a very close match.. :)

Who will win in WrestleMania Triple H or undertaker?

after wrestlemania, undertaker did win but it was a brutal match and a close one

Will undertaker return after buried alive match?

the undertaker will be back at the royal rumble and so will triple h

Who won wrestlemania 27 no holds bar match Triple H vs undertaker?

Undertaker by way of Submission

When will the undertaker return from his last match?

He was injured at wrestlemania 27 because Triple h hurt him,so Undertaker will return at wrestlemania 28 to face Triple h in a hell in a cell match with Shawn Michales as the special guest ref.

Who has been in a WWE inferno match?

Undertaker, Kane, Triple H, and MVP

What is the best match ever at wrestlmania 27?

undertaker vs triple h

Who won the match between undertaker and tripleh in wrestle mania27?

triple h