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races started from standing starts as in the long distance events

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Q: What was used before starting blocks at olympic games?
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Did Allan Wells run barefoot?

No. At the beginning of his career he ran without the starting blocks. But in 1980 he was required by rule to run with them for the Olympic games in Moscow, which he did.

What tradition starts the Olympic games?

The opening ceremony is a tradition starting the Olympic Games :)

What happens to the Olympic flame before the start of the Olympic games?

it gets lit

Who had the idea of starting the Olympic games again?

Baron De Coubertin

Where were the first ancient Olympic games held outside of Greece?

There was no Olympic Games outside of Greece before the first one was recorded.

When where the roman Olympic games made?

The Romans did not participate in Olympic games at all. The Olympic games were developed by the earlier Greek civilisation and died out before the Roman empire developed. The Olympic games were "revived" much later in the time of the British Empire (by the English).

Which African country starting with k is competing at the London olympic games?


What countries starting with j have competed in the olympic games?

Japan,Jamaica and Jordan

How days before the Olympic games starts?

the answer is are u a doyel

How many times has russia held the winter olympic games before?

The first Winter Olympic Games held in Russia were in Sochi in 2014.

Where is the Olympic torch lit each games?

Olympia, Greece, home of the original Olympic games.

When are the London Olympic Games starting and ending?

29th June - 14th August 2012