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The Olyimpics where over one million dollars

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about 5 million or 4 million

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$2 billion

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Q: What was the total cost for the 2008 Olympics?
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Total number of countries in Olympics 2008?

Total no of countries participated in 2008 Beijing Olympics is 191

How much did 2008 Olympics cost?

$40 billion

Number of events in the Olympics?

There are a total of 31 events in the Olympics (Beijing 2008)

What were the total number of medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

There were 3,000 medals awarded at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

What was the total cost of putting the winter Olympics?

A lot

How much did the Barcelona 1992 Olympics cost in total?


How many Olympic athletes are there in Olympic 2008?

There were total of 11,196 athletes in 2008 Beijing Olympics

Healthcare cost to US in 2008?

what was the total health care cost to the US in 2008?

How many medals in total did team GB win at 2008 Olympics?


Where were the Olympics celebrated in 2008?

the games are going to be held in Beijing china

When is the Olympics in China?

The 2008 Beijing Olympics were held from August 8th through August 24th.

How much money did it cost to build the Beijing 2008 olympic grounds?

how man bronze medals were won in the Beijing Olympics 2008