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During the 1966 NCAA tournament, which Texas Western won, seeding was not used. The process of seeding teams didn't begin until the 1978 NCAA tournament.

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Q: What was the seed of Texas Western during the tournament?
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How many teams are from Kentucky in the 2009 NCAA Basketball Tournament?

The University of Louisville, who was the number one overall seed in the tournament, and Western Kentucky University were the only two. Kentucky played in the NIT Tournament.

What was the lowest ranked team to win the NCAA tournament?

Villanova was the lowest seed to win the tournament as an 8 seed in 1985.

How many times has a 16th seed upset a top seed in the tournament?

It has not yet occurred in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.

What seed was unc in the 2009 ncaa basketball tournament?

UNC was a number 1 seed in the 2009 NCAA basketball tournament.

What is the highest seed to win an NCAA tournament?

A #1 seed, of course.

What seed was Wake Forest in the 2009 NCAA Basketball Tournament?

Wake Forest was a number 4 seed in the 2009 NCAA Basketball Tournament.

What was Davidson's seed in the 2008 NCAA tournament?

Davidson was a 10 seed in 2008

Is Kansas state in the 2011 NCAA tournament?

Yes, Kansas is a #5 seed in the tournament.

What seed was Marquette when they won the 1977 ncaa championship?

Marquette was the #16 seed in the NCAA Men's basketball tournament in 1977. They advanced and won the championship. They were also the only team to ever beat all 4 #1 seeds during the ncaa tournament.

Who won the 1983 Men's Basketball tournament and what seed were they?

NC State and a 6 seed .

Who is the lowest seed to win the NCAA men's tournament?

8 Seed Villanova in 1985

Did villanova ever win the ncaa tournament championship?

The Villanova Wildcats won the NCAA tournament championship as a #6 seed.

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