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Rest of world won on penalties, game was tied at 2-2

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Q: What was the score of soccer aid 2010?
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Was Gordon Ramsay a professional footballer?

No he wasnt, he did include in the Soccer Aid 2010 though.

What is the duration of Soccer Aid?

The duration of Soccer Aid is 1.5 hours.

Who had scored the fist score in soccer?

You are not allowed to score in soccer by your fist

When was Soccer Aid created?

Soccer Aid was created on 2006-05-22.

How can you win on Pro Evolution Soccer 2010?

score more goals than your opponent :) ---------------------------------------------------------- Thanks, I did, and I won!

What is get a goal in soccer?

a goal in soccer is to "score a goal"

Who was the best soccer player in 2010?

It was Diego forlan the only player in the 2010 ball to score a goal from a far distance, Messi was the F.i.F.A player.

Can a defensive player score in soccer?

Yes. Any player on the pitch can score in soccer including goalkeepers.

How do you score in a soccer game?

You score in a soccer game by kicking the soccer ball into your opponents net from any area on the field. This is called a goal.

What is a zero score in soccer?

It is like a shut out but only in soccer

What are the role of the attacker in soccer?

Score goals.

Who is the soccer aid managers?


In soccer what does a forward do in the field?


How does financial aid affect your credit score?

Im applying for financial aid for my house payment. will it effect my credit score

What is a soccer striker?

The soccer striker is an offensive player, trying to score.

What is called when you try to score in soccer?

When you score it is called a 'Goal'. When you try to score it is called 'Shooting'.

What is a soccer score?

Its the result or number of goals scored after a game of football (soccer).

How does soccer involve math?

Soccer is involved in math because to keep score

What is the intent of soccer?

The intent of soccer is to score more goals than your opponent.

Use the word score in an sentence?

I score all the time when i play soccer.

Could a wing forward score goals in soccer?

Anyone Can Score A Goal.

What would you call a soccer score?


What is the forward's responsibility on a soccer team?

To score.

What is the highest score in soccer?


How do they score in soccer?

get the ball in the oppositions net

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