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The consolation goal for Manchester United in the 1994 Football League Cup final was scored by Mark Hughes - making the score 2 - 1 in the eighty-second minute.

Aston Villa scored one further goal, a Dean Saunders penalty, before full time, making the final score 3 - 1 to Aston Villa.

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The final score of the 1994 League Cup or Coca-Cola Cup (sponsorship reasons) final was Aston Villa 3, Manchester United 1.

The scorers in the match were Aston Villa: Dalian Atkinson 25', Dean Saunders 75', 90' (penalty) and Manchester United: Mark Hughes 82'.

Manchester United went on to win the League double while the Villians finished in a lowly 10th place.

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Q: What was the score in the 1994 League Cup final loss of man utd?
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