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He lost as they were younger and quicker to him, he was getting old.

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Q: What was the reasons why Muhammad Ali lost those 5 fights?
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Who was Muhammad Ali's hardest fight against?

Probably any of his 3 fights with Joe Frazier. He lost the 1st, then defeated Frazier in the 2nd and 3rd fights.

How much fights did Muhammad ali win?

Ali won 56 fights, 37 inside the distance. he lost 5 fights, 3 of which he avenged (two of them twice) and the last two defeats were his last two fights when he was only a shadow of his former self.

In boxing Muhammad Ali took part in 61 professional boxing fights How many of these did he?

He won 56 with 37 by ko and he lost 5. of those 5 he avenged three (two of them twice) and the last two defeats were his last two fight.

How many fights have john cena lost?

No John Cena has not lost any fights he has been in

How man fights has Muhammad Ali lost?

5 as a pro out of 61, and 5 as an amatuer out of 105.

How many fights has Floyd Mayweather Jr. lost?

Mayweather has lost 5 amatuer fights, but does have a perfect professional record.

Why did muhammad ali leave boxing?

By then he was 40 years old long past his best, and he was no longer the bee or butterfly he once was in the ring. The speed had gone and he lost more fights.

How many fights did Joe Louis win and lose?

Joe Louis won 68 fights and lost 3. Altogether his was in 71 (professional) fights.

How many fights has Vitali Klitschko lost?

he has only lost two fights as a pro, one to lennox Lewis and one to chris byrd three years earlier.

Who has Mike Tyson lost to in fights?

Mike Tyson has lost a total of six fights in his career. He has lost to James Buster Dougles, Evander Holyfield (twice), Lennox Lewis, Danny Williams, and Kevin McBride.

How many fights as amir khan lost?


Who did Muhammad ali first lose to?

Muhammad Ali first fight he lost was in 1971 he lost to American boxer Joe Frazier that match also lost him the tittle of heavyweight champion of the world.

How many fights did Muhammad Ali lose during his pro boxing career?

He lost 5Frazier, Norton, Leon Spinks, Holmes and Trevor Berbick5 times

Did Chris Brown get into any fights when he was younger?

yeah chris brown got into and he lost all of them he a pussy yeah chris brown got into fights and he lost all of them he a pussy yeah he did

How many fights did joe Louis lose?

he lost three

How many fights has Azumah Nelson of Ghana lost?


How many fights did Joe Louis win?

He won 66 fights (52 by KO/TKO), including 25 title defenses. He lost only 3 fights, and 1 no contest.

Why did Muhammad ali retire?

Parkinsons disease and he lost

How many fights laila ali lost?

Laila Ali never lost a fight her record is 24-0.

Does Pikachu faint in the anime?

Yeah he's lost a lot of fights.

Did the ninja ever lose?

the ninja actually lost some fights

What was the first fight that Muhammad Ali lost?

Joe Frazier

How many fights has Rocky Balboa lost?

one that they show against Mr.T

Who defeated George Foreman in the heavyweight boxing championship of 1974?

In Kinshasa, Zaire, on 30th October 1974 George Foreman lost by ko in round 8 to Muhammad Ali in probably one of the most famous fights in boxing history, 'The Rumble In The Jungle'.

How much fights Muhammad ali lose during his pro boxing career?

5. Ali lost to Joe Frazier in 1971, Ken Norton in 1973, Leon Spinks in 1978, Larry Holmes in 1980, and Trevor Berbick in 1981.

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