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The previous record for gold medals by the host country was 10. The previous best for gold medals at the winter games, host or not, was 13 by Norway and Russia.

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Q: What was the previous record for the most number of overall medals by the host country of a winter Olympics?
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What country has won the most overall gold medals at the Olympics?

United States of America

Which country has won the most medals overall in the 2010 winter Olympics?

USA (37)

The winning country in the Olympics is it determined by most gold or is it by most total medals?

There is no "winning country" in the Olympics. The games celebrate human achievement not national achievement. That being said, the US has won the most medals overall in all of the Olympics, Canada may well have won the most Gold Medals in a Winter Olympics and the US may well have won the most medals of any type in any of the Winter Olympics. I don't know which country has won the most Golds and most medals overall in the Summer Olympics.

Country with most gold medals wins the Olympics?

Yes Country with most golds in an Olympics wins that Olympics No that is wrong The country with the most medals wins the overall olympics.If you only counted gold medals as " What country won " then why have silver or bronze , just have gold and do away with the rest. so that being said the country with the most medals wins !

What country has won the most overall medals in the last five Olympics?

hmm...either China or US, am not sure

Will the US win the Olympics?

So far the US won gold medals in certain events during the 2012 Olympics, but as to which country will win the most medals overall, that cannot be determined as of now.

Who is best country in Olympics?

U.S.A. The United States has won the most overall medals. More specifically, the gold, silver, and bronze medals in the summer and winter games combined. However, Norway has outperformed the United States in the winter Olympics overall.

What is the amount of medals won in the olympics by Germany?

overall germany have won 1099 medals

Who won the Olympics overall in 2004?

The USA because they had the most medals and gold medals.

Who supplies the medals in the Olympics?

The country that is hosting the olympics.

Has gbr ever won the Olympics?

In terms of overall medals, no.

What country won the 2010 Winter Olympics?

There were 258 medal awarded in the 2010 Winter Olympics. Overall, the United States won the most medals, receving 37 overall. However, Canda won the most gold medals at 14, so they are considered the winner.

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