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The Olympic Games were held in honour of the god Zeus at Olympia in Elis in southern Greece.

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Q: What was the point of Olympic games in ancient Rome?
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Can you have a list on the ancient rome Olympics?

No, there's no records or listings of the ancient Rome Olympics because ancient Rome never had the ancient Olympics. The Olympic games were Greek events. The emperor Nero tried to establish Olympic type games called the Neronia, but they soon fizzled out.

What Olympic Games were played in ancient Rome?

None. The Olympic Games were held at Olympia in southern Greece.

Did ancient Rome hold the Olympics?

No. Ancient Greece was the home of the Olympics. Rome did finally host the Olympic Games in 1960.

Where did wrestling orignate from?

Ancient Greece or Rome I think it was part of the olympic games eventually

What are the reason the modern Olympic games differ from the ancient Olympic games?

If you mean the ancient Olympic games in Rome or Italy where ever it was then it is because they would compete naked to make sure they weren't a girl( because back then girls weren't allowed to compete in Olympic games) and it was also in the same place unlike nowadays.

How many times have the Olympic Games been held in Rome?

Rome has hosted the Olympic Games only once. That was in 1960.

What did Romans eat on cold days?

* Olympic Games * Summer Olympic Games * Winter Olympic Games * Special Olympics World Games * Ancient Olympic Games * Paralympic Games * Heraea Games at Olympia * Panathenaic Games at Athens * Panhellenic Games ** Isthmian Games at Corinth ** Nemean Games at Nemea ** Pythian Games at Delphi * Capitoline Games * Secular Games (Latin Ludi Saeculares) of Rome * All-Africa Games * Arafura Games * Arctic Winter Games * Aryan Games

What Olympic game was first televised internationally?

1960. The Rome Olympic Games.

How many countries competed in the Ancient Olympic games?

== == Ancient Olympic Games included representatives of different city states in ancient greece. Although athletes from any country could compete they had to be free men and had to speak greek. Athletes from Rome and Armenia are known to have competed. It is not clear exactly how many countries took part. Only myth has survived.

Where were the olympic games held in 1960?


Where was the point where all roads began in ancient rome?

The point where all roads began in rome

Where were the 1960 olympic games held?

Rome, Italy.

In what year did Rome host the Olympic Games?


What was the host city for the Olympic games in 1960?


Did ancient rome do olympic track butt naked?

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Has Italy ever hosted the Olympic Games?

The Olympic Games were held in Rome, Italy, in 1960. They were also scheduled to be held in Rome in 1908, but Italy lacked the organisation and infrastructure to host the Games. It was then decided the games would be moved to London.

Where did olympic wrestling begin?

the Olympic wrestling began in ancient Greece, and have records of it from cave painting of prehistory. but mainly it started in Greece and Rome

What did ancient Rome invent?

the ancient romans invented lots of thing!representitive govermentcolums and pillarsolympic gamestheatere

What did the kids do for fun in ancient Rome?

The kids in Ancient Rome played board games (mostly in dirt), cooked and learned

Where did the ancient Rome fighting games take place?

In areneas such as the colosseum in rome

Why were the Olympic Games banished?

One of Rome's Christian emperors banned the Olympic Games, which had originally been held in honor of the gods who dwelled on Mount Olympus.

How many people lived in Ancient Rome when it was at its largest size?

120 million people lived in Ancient Rome at its most populous point.

What cities have hosted both the Olympic games and World Cup?

Mexico city, Rome, London, Paris and Munich have hosted the World Cup final and the Olympic Games.

Why were not the Olympic Games held in 1960?

The Olympic Games WERE held in 1960. The 1960 Rome games are considered by many sports and media historians to be the turnning point in both the nature of the games and the relationship of the International Olympic Committee to athletes and amateurs. These were the first games in which international television participated significantly; the Games and the Media set the stage for the relatiionship among the games, media, huge amounts of money, the beginning of the end of the fiction of amateurism, and spectacles beyound the previous imagination of sedentary Man.

What are the release dates for Turning Point - 2000 Modern Europe--- Ancient Rome?

Turning Point - 2000 Modern Europe--- Ancient Rome was released on: USA: 28 September 2008