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The punishment for a woman attending the Olympics was to be thrown off mount Typaeum.

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Q: What was the penalty for women who attended the ancient Olympics as spectators?
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What was the penalty for woman who attend the Ancient Olympics as spectators?

thrown off a cliff

What was the penalty for cheating in ancient Greek Olympics as a judge?

The judges imposed a fine.

Were women allowed at the ancient Olympics?

Women were not allowed to compete in the ancient Olympics, under penalty of death. Married women were not allowed to attend, also under penalty of death. Unmarried women were allowed to attend, as it was thought that the Olympics were a good place for young maidens to meet their future husbands.

Were women allowed to participate in the Ancient Olympics?

Not in all events. There were some events that had women competitors. Married women weren't allowed to spectate because the men in the Olympics were entirely nude. The penalty could be a harsh as death.

What was the penalties for cheating in the ancient Olympics?

Well, Olympics was a big thing back then- it was THE thing to do, so penalties often involved temporary bans from mobile phones, etc. The biggest penalty by far though, was being stoned to deth by characters from the flintstones. Love, Matt.

How did the ancient Olympics affect warfare that might have been going on Greece?

All war rules were put on hold. People were allowed to cross boundaries for the sake of the games without penalty or fear of death.

What happened if you killed a cat in ancient Egypt?

You would get the Death penalty.

What was the death penalty in ancient Egypt?

Egyptian executions were performed by hanging or decapitation.

Who started the death penalty?

The death penalty has been a matter of law for thousands of years. There was an allowance for death for some crimes in the ancient Code of Hammurabi.

How long has the death penalty used and where?

It's been used since ancient times.

What is the penalty for cheating in the Olympics?

In ancient Greece, if you were caught cheating, you had to pay fines and with that money, statues of Zeus were build with the funds. Today people would be disqualified, have to pay, and would have shame following them for the rest of their life, even face jail time depending on the charge.

What was the penalty for cheating in the first Olympics?

The cheaters would be fined heavily and the money received from those fines would be used to create statues of gods and champion athletes that were placed at the stadium where the Olympics were held.

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