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The team started 0-2 when Tom didn't start then when Tom Brady took over they went 11-3 when Tom started

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Q: What was the patriots record when Tom Brady took over for Bledsoe?
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Where the patriots pad to lose super bowl?


What quarterback has the most career completions in a super bowl?

Through Super Bowl XLIV, that is Tom Brady of the New England Patriots who completed 32 passes in Super Bowl XXXVIII, a Patriots 32-29 victory over the Carolina Panthers and Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints who completed 32 passes in Super Bowl XLIV, a Saints 31-17 victory over the Indianapolis Colts.

What year was the football player Drew Bledsoe born?

Drew Bledsoe was born on February 14, 1972 in Ellensburg, Washington. He was a former NFL Quarterback and played for over fourteen seasons. The team he was most remembered being on was for the New England Patriots.

Who took over for Tom Brady for a year?

Brady took over on September 23, 2001 in a game against the Jets after Bledsoe was injured from a tackle by Jets linebacker Mo Lewis.

Who is the patriots third string quarterback?

The New England Patriots quarterbacks in 2008 were: 1st string: Tom Brady (placed on IR after game 1) 2nd String: Matt Cassel (starter, game 2 onwards) 3rd string: Kevin O'Connell (rookie) 4th String: Matt Gutierrez (released after training camp, resigned after Brady's injury)

How many NFL records are held by the New England Patriots?

The 2007 New England Patriots have the records for: Most Points in a Season Most Touchdowns in a Season Tom Brady took over the Most Touchdowns Passing in a Season Randy Moss took over the Most Touchdowns Receiving in a Season Most wins in a regular season Most consecutive wins in the regular season Tom Brady set the record for highest completion percentage in a playoff game

Why did Tom Brady play football?

During his first full year as a college football starter, he set Michigan records for most pass attempts and completions in a season (214).Brady was All-Big Ten (honorable mention) both seasons and team captain his senior year.The Wolverines won 20 of 25 games when he started and shared the Big Ten Conference title in 1998. Brady capped that season off with a win over Arkansas in the Citrus Bowl.In the 1999 season, Brady led Michigan to an overtime win in the Orange Bowl over Alabama, throwing for 369 yards and four touchdowns.

What happened to Drew?

Quarterback Drew Bledsoe played collegiate football at Washington State University from 1990 to 1992. After his junior year, he was named the Pac-10 Conference's Offensive Player of the Year. He decided not to return for his senior year and became the first overall selection of the 1993 National Football League draft when he was picked by the New England Patriots. Bledsoe started as a rookie under the watchful eye of first-year Patriots head coach Bill Parcells, who was well-known for giving his quarterbacks a hard time. But Bledsoe blossomed under Parcells' system. In 1994, New England made the playoffs for the first time in eight years. Two years later, the American Football Conference team earned a berth in Super Bowl XXXI against the Green Bay Packers of the National Football Conference. The Packers won, 35-21. After the game, Parcells moved on to the New York Jets. Despite Parcells' departure, Bledsoe continued to thrive as an NFL quarterback, and was selected to his third Pro Bowl in 1997 (he would win a fourth Pro Bowl bid in 2002). In March, 2001, he signed a new $103 million contract with the Patriots for 10 years. But his fortunes began to change when he sustained a serious injury in Game 2 of the 2001 season against the New York Jets. Bledsoe was supplanted by unheralded backup quarterback Tom Brady, who promptly guided New England to the playoffs. As a result, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick stuck with Brady as the No. 1 quarterback even after Bledsoe had recovered sufficently. Bledsoe's last hurrah as a New England quarterback occurred during the AFC Championship Game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on January 27, 2002 at Pittsburgh's Heinz Field. When Brady was injured during the second quarter, Bledsoe took over and guided the Patriots to a 24-17 victory and a berth in Super Bowl XXXVI against the St. Louis Rams in New Orleans. But Belichick doused all talk of a quarterback controversy by selecting Brady as the Super Bowl starter. The Patriots went on to win the world championship, defeating the Rams in a 20-17 thriller. Before the 2002 season, Bledsoe was traded to the Buffalo Bills, where he played well enough to win a fourth Pro Bowl invitation . But he was released after his third year with the Bills, who decided to go with J.P. Losman, a younger quarterback. In 2005, Bledsoe was reunited with Parcells, his first NFL coach, in Dallas. Bledsoe started for the Cowboys for the entire 2005 season. But he began to struggle during the 2006 season. On October 23, 2006, Bledsoe was replaced by Dallas backup quarterback Tony Romo during the second half of a Monday night game against the New York Giants. Romo became the Cowboys' fulltime starter, effectively ending Bledsoe's career as an active player. Bledsoe announced his retirement after the 2006 season. Bledsoe currently ranks eighth in career passing completions (3,839), sixth in passing attempts (6,717), 10th in passing yardage (44,611) and 15th in passing touchdowns (251). He was inducted into the Patriots Hall of Fame in 2011.

Was Tom Brady a backup college?

Tom Brady's backups have been:2001: Drew Bledsoe, Damon Huard2002: Damon Huard, Rohan Davey2003: Damon Huard, Rohan Davey2004: Rohan Davey, Jim Miller2005: Doug Flutie, Matt Cassel2006: Matt Cassel, Vinnie Testaverde2007: Matt Cassel, Matt Gutierrez2008: Matt Cassel, Kevin O'Connell, Matt Gutierrez2009: Brian Hoyer

Who has a better record against each other the Pittsburgh Steelers or the New England Patriots?

Through 2009, the Steelers hold the regular season lead over the Patriots at 13-7. The Patriots lead 3-1 in their postseason meetings.

Who has the best home winning record nfl?

The team with the most regular season victories over the past ten years (2003-2012) is the New England Patriots. They amassed a total of 126 regular season victories over that period of time.

Who holds the record for the most completed passes in a single Super Bowl?

For a single game: 22 (Tied for NFL Record), David Carr (November 19, 2006 vs Buffalo) Over two games: Donovan McNabb holds the record of 24 in 2004. Second is Peyton Manning with 23.