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I think it is the 1906 Olympic Games held in Athens, Greece. It is not officially recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as it is the first and only mid-cycle Intercalated Games to be held in Athens, Greece where some traditons were embraced.

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Q: What was the only 'unofficial' Olympics ever held in the history of the modern Olympics?
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Was the Olympics ever held in the Philippines?

No i do not believe the modern Olympics were ever held in the Philippines. Yet the Philippines are competing to host the Olympics in I think 2028.

Where the first ever modern Olympics were held?

1896 - Athens

Where was the first ever Olympics held?

The first Olympics of the modern era were held in Athens 1896.

What is the lowest score ever given in the history of Olympics?


When did israel join the Olympics?

Israel has competed in the Olympics ever since its modern state was created in 1948.

What is the 2012 Olympics about?

The first ever Olympics were first held in ancient Greece, The modern Olympics started in the 1900. The Motto is "Citius, Altius, Fortius" which is latin for Swifter, Higher, Stronger.

When was the first ever Olympics?

the first ever olympics was in 776bc

Were the Olympics ever not held?

The Olympic Games were suspended during the World Wars (in 1916, 1940 and 1944). They also were discontinued for many years between the ancient Olympics and the modern Olympics, which began in 1896.

Is baton twirling in the Olympics or was it ever in the Olympics?


Have Ethiopia ever hosted the Olympics?

No African country has ever hosted the olympics

Why was the games named the Olympics?

Because the first ever ever ever Olympics were in Olympia so they got the name Olympics. and if did not know Olympia is in Greece

When was the first ever Olympics held?

It is believed to have been held in 776 BC with a footrace. The first "modern" Olympics however, were held in Olympia, Greece during the 8th century.

Is tennis an Olympic sport?

Yes. Tennis was a sport at the first modern Olympics in 1896 until 1924 when it was discontinued. It made its return to the Olympics in 1984 and has been contested ever since.

Who won the first cycling event in Olympics?

Léon Flameng won the 100 kilometer event, the first cycling event ever held at a modern Olympics, at the 1896 Games in Athens.

Did japan ever hold the Olympics?

Yes they did hold the Olympics :)

Did japan ever win the Olympics?

they didn't win the Olympics

In what year were the Olympics first held?

The ancient Greeks believed that the first Olympic games were held in 776BC. Modern historians think that the games began long before this, although they are not exactly sure when.The modern Olympics were restarted in 1896 at Athens.18961896.1896The first ever Olympic games was held in Greece in 776 BC.The first 'modern' Olympics were in 1896they were held in 607bc

Was Prussia ever in the Olympics?

No. The Ancient Olympics ended in AD 393. The Prussian state emerged (as the Ordensraat) in the thirteenth century. Prussia ceased to be a sovereign country in 1871, when it became one of the constituents of the German Empire. The Modern Olympics began in 1896.

Was there ever a time when there were no Olympics?

The ancient Olympic Games were celebrated from 776 BC to approximate 393 AD. The modern Olympics began in 1896. So there was about a 1500 year lull there where no Olympic Games were held.

Has China ever hosted the Olympics?

Yes, it hosted the Olympics at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics

Did Vietnam ever host the Olympics?

No, as of the 2008 Summer Olympics Vietnam has never hosted the Olympics.

Was the Olympics ever held in Luxembourg?

No, the Olympics were never held in Luxembourg.

Did Malta ever hold the Olympics?

No, Malta is to small to hold the Olympics.

What did the athletes think of the London Olympics?

They thought it was the best Olympics ever.

Has Kelsey Serwa ever been to the Olympics?

no, her first olympics will be in 2014