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Highway robbery

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Q: What was the name of the basketball game played in 1976 between Russia and the US?
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How many gold medals does russia have in basketball?

0. The Soviet Union, of which Russia was a member, won 4 Olympic gold medals in basketball ... 2 in men's competition (1972, 1988) and 2 in women's competition (1976, 1980). Russia has won a total of 2 bronze medals in Olympic basketball ... both in women's competition (2004, 2008).

Who played on the 1976 Olympic Women's basketball team?

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When was basketball included in Olympics?

It was included in 1904 but was not officially played until 1936. Men's basketball has been played every summer since 1936 whereas women's basketball made its first appearance in the Summer Olympics in 1976.

What year was basketball introduced to the Olympics?

Men's basketball was introduced in 1904 but not played again until 1936. It has been played in every Summer Olympic Games since 1936. Women's basketball was introduced at the 1976 Summer Games.

Which teams played in 1976 college basketball championship game?

Indiana beat Michigan, 86-68, in the 1976 NCAA Men's Championship game.

When did Russians win gold medal in women's basketball?

In 1976 and 1980 the women's gold medal in basketball was won by the Soviet Union. In 1992 the gold medal was also won by the Unified Team which was representing Russia.

Are there any celebs with their first name starting with you?

Uma Thurman is a famous actress. In Russia, Uljana Semjonova is a famous basketball player. She won two Olympic gold medals in 1976 and 1980 playing for the USSR basketball team.

When was Pat Bradley - basketball - born?

Pat Bradley - basketball - was born in 1976.

When was Maurice Carter - basketball - born?

Maurice Carter - basketball - was born in 1976.

When was Derek Hood - basketball - born?

Derek Hood - basketball - was born in 1976.

When did American Basketball Association end?

American Basketball Association ended in 1976.

Who was the basketball coach at Indiana University during 1975-1976?

That was Bob Knight who coached the team between 1971-2000.

What are all colleges Larry byrd attended?

University Indiana 1974 Indiana State University 1976 He also played AAU Basketball between these two universities with the Hancock Construction team for one year 1975.

When was the Dunk reinstated in College Basketball?


Who was the verbum dei basketball coach in 1976?

john sneed

Did Lawrence spann play for the lakers European basketball team in 1976?

yes in 1976

Was Mike Woodson on the 1975-1976 Indiana basketball championship team?

No. Mike Woodson did not attend Indiana University until the 1976-1977 basketball season.

Where was the basketball player Courtney James born?

The basketball player Courtney James was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. He was born on December 24, 1976. He played with the Minnesota Golden Gophers before his professional career.

Who was the last undeafeted NCAA men's basketball team?

The 1976 Indiana University basketball team.

When did the Olympics include women basketball?

Women's basketball debuted at the 1976 Summer Games in Montreal.

When was E. J. Harrison - basketball - born?

E. J. Harrison - basketball - was born in 1976.

When did Jim Walsh - basketball - die?

Jim Walsh - basketball - died on 1976-03-04.

When was Tim Young - basketball - born?

Tim Young - basketball - was born on 1976-02-06.

Who was the coach of the 1976 IU men's basketball team?

*Knight coached the the 1976 Indiana Hoosiers *That IU squad was the last undefeated NCAA IA Basketball Champion

When was women's basketball added to the summer Olympics?

Women's basketball debuted at the 1976 Summer Games in Montreal.