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Q: What was the name of the Major League Baseball team that played in Montreal?
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Does Montreal have a baseball team?

Not a Major League team, no.

When did Jackie Robinson Join the Montreal Orioles?

He did not join this team, but 1 year before his major league baseball debut, he played for the Montreal Royals in 1945

Was the Montreal royals a Major League Baseball team in 1947?

The Montreal Royals were not a Major League Baseball team in 1947. The Royals were a minor league team and a member of the International League. The two major league teams they were associated with were the Philadelphia Athletics and the Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers.

When did Major League Baseball takeover the Montreal Expos?

On February 1, 2002, MLB Took Ownership Of The Montreal Expos.

Did Tim Foley play in the major league baseball?

Yes he did! In 1990 he was in the Montreal's Expos.

What was the first major league baseball team outside the US?

Montreal Expos in 1969.

Professional baseball team of Montreal?

The former Major League Baseball team located in Montreal was the Expos. The team relocated to Washington D.C. as the Nationals.

How long has Jackie Robinson played baseball?

Jackie Robinson played professional baseball for 12 years, one with the Kansas City Monarchs in the Negro League, one for the Montreal Royals in the International League and 10 for the Brooklyn Dodgers in the Major League's National League. He retired in 1956.

How many major league baseball games are played within a year?

162 Major league baseball games are played during a year

What Major League Baseball player has played for the most teams in Major League Baseball history?

Kenny lofton

What is the worst record a major league baseball team has had when it hosted the all-star Game?


How many females have played Major League Baseball?

None, there has never been a female player in Major League baseball.

Is major league baseball played in Sept.?


Where did Jackie Robinson play baseball?

Robinson played in college at UCLA, briefly for the Kansas City Monarchs in the Negro League, the Montreal Royals in the minor league and the Brooklyn Dodgers in the Major Leagues.

Did Michael Jordan play Major League Baseball?

No Michael Jordan did not play major league baseball, he played for the White Sox minor league

When did Willie Mays retire from major league baseball?

Mays played his last MLB game on September 9th, 1973, for the New York Mets. The Mets beat the Montreal Expos 3-0 in Montreal.

When was the first inter league game played in Major League Baseball?


What two baseball teams are not in the US?

The Major League Baseball teams not located in the US are; Toronto Blue Jays and Montreal Expos.

Who played the most seasons in major league baseball?


How many Muslims have played Major League Baseball?


How many innings are played in Major League Baseball?


Did women ever played Major League Baseball?

no but women did have there own major league baseball called the aapgbl it existed from 1943-1954

Was there ever a Major League Baseball manager who had never played in the Major League Baseball himself?

Jim Riggleman (Nationals 09,10 manager)

Who is a major league player who played in the nba nfl and Major League Baseball?

Michael Jordan almost did he played Mlb, Nba, and golf!

What does the Major League Baseball stand for?

major league baseball