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California state warriors

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Q: What was the name of golden state warriors 3 years ago?
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Where did the Golden State Warriors get their name?

From California (the golden state)

What is the name of golden state warriors stadium?

The Golden State Warriors arena is the Oracle Arena.

Where to the golden state warriors play?

the golden state warriors play in San Francisco California hence the name golden state

What is the name of Number 30 with the Golden State Warriors?

Stephan Curry currently holds the number 30 on the roster for the Golden State Warriors.

What is the name of the arena for the golden state warriors?

oracle arena

How did the golden state warriors get their name?

The Warriors moved from SF to Oakland but wanted to retain a "Calif state" identification without a name attachment to Oakland or SF. So they dropped the city part of the name, SF or Oakland, and named themselves simply Golden State Warriors.

Why are the golden state warriors called the warriors?

Warriors in general is a common sports name; it implies that the team is ready to fight and win.

What was the original name of the Golden State Warriors?

The team was first established in 1946, as the Philadelphia Warriors, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

What professional sports teams do not have a city or state in their name?

Golden State Warriors New England Patriots

Major sport team without city or state in name?

Carolina panthers Golden state warriors

What is the English meaning for the word iSanrtoelrGreatodWs?

Golden State Warriors is the English meaning for the unscrambled name rttisDisootneP.

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