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It is called jabulani, and it is made by Adidas.

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Q: What was the name of football used in fifa worldcup 2010?
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What is the name of ball which use in FIFA worldcup?

2010 fifa world cup the ball that was used the name of it is JABULANI

What was the name of FIFA worldcup trothy?

It is called the F.i.F.A world cup.

What's the name of football used for FIFA 2010?

Adidas Ja'bulani.

Who is the nick name was 'The Eliphants' in FIFA wc football 2010?

Ivory Coast

What is the name of the football used in 2010 fifa world cup?

Adidas Jabulani.

Name the football stadium which will host the final of the FIFA WC 2010?

Soccer city stadium, Johannesburg

What is the name of the female anchor of ESPN football focus fifa world cup 2010?

Mayanti Langer is the anchor.

Why they invented FIFA?

They Needed a name for the football league

How do you play World Cup tournament on FIFA 12?

You can't play a world cup tournament in FIFA 12. but u can create a tournament with 32 teams and name it as worldcup and play.

What is the name of the official FIFA World Cup 2010 mascot?

ZakumiZakumi - an anthropomorphized leopard with green hair and a football tucked under its arm - is the mascot of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Click on the Related link below to see an image of Zakumi.

What is the full name of FIFA?

The Fédération Internationale de Football Association

What does FIFA stand for?

FIFA is French. It stands for Fédération Internationale de Football, Association.The English meaning is the International Federation of Association Football."Association" Football is the official name of 'soccer'.To further clarify matters, FIFA itself says it can also be called either 'FIFA Football' or 'FIFA Soccer'. Also Known for famous worldwide players.

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