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Most Popular Sports in the 1920s depends upon country and even state of reference:Here are the sports that FAQ Farmers think were most popular in the 1920s:
  • I studied this in school and the answer is 100% correct: baseball - at least, in the uSA.
  • I think the most popular sport in the 1920's was baseball.
  • Soccer
  • I think that it is very hard to suggest what sport was the most popular in the 20's. This was a time when more and more people were starting to see and hear more about sports, either by going to stadiums or on the radio. It was the first time that people in the middle class could actually play sports like golf.
  • Soccer, of course.
  • It was really two sports: baseball and football. According to research, when people went to a stadium to see these sports, the stadiums got full. The second most popular were horse races and the international competitions (horse derby's most likely).
  • Boxing and baseball. Football and Basketball began getting popular in the 1950's and 1960's, I believe.
  • It was, without a doubt, boxing and baseball.

Obviously, it will depend entirely on Precisely where you are referring to:

For instance, where I come from in Victoria, Australia, they would barely have heard of baseball, and very little soccer was played here at all in those days:

Here the most popular traditional sports were cricket and Australian Football, yet just over the nearest state border, in NSW, it would have likely been cricket and rugby.

Cue sports, such as billiards and snooker also became more popular around these decades. Boxing was also a big one back in the early half of 20th Century. Martial Arts were virtually, unheard of ... basketball barely touched ... soccer only English 'die-hards' - In Australia, mainly cricket and the football codes, some tennis ... and horseracing has also always been big in Australia.

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Q: What was the most popular sport in the 1920s?
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