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Q: What was the most popular spectator sport at this time?
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Which is the most popular spectator sport world wide?

Dude, dude, dude, or dudet. Soccer, or futbol, is the most pop spect sprt of time :))))))))))))) <3 hope this helps......

What is the favorite sport or past time in Ireland?

Gaelic football is the most popular sport in Ireland

Why spectator sports are not a waste of time?

Spectator sports are god for everyone because of the thrill. It gives people something to do.

How popular was basketball when it was first invented?

It started as just an indoor sport for the students at Springfield High School. When it became a professional sport it was the most popular sport at the time.

What is the popular sport during the Great Depression time?

In the United States, Baseball was the most popular sport in the years of the great depression (1929-194?).

China's most popular sport called in the past time?

A favourite pastime and sport in china is gay sex

Who is the most popular player in the US history?

The most popular player in any sport for the United States has to be from the nations past time. Baseball is our national sport and our famous player is Babe Ruth.

Most watched sporting event of all time?

Soccer is the most watched sport Th ats why its the most popular

What is the oldest most popular sport in the US? is America's past time is America's past time

What was the most popular American spectator sport of the 1950?

Over 163,00,000 people attended major league baseball games during the 1950's. That alone would make baseball the most the most popular sport of that decade. However there is no way of estimating how many more people went to minor league and semi-pro baseball games. At that time nearly every mid to major city was represented with a baseball team.

What is the best sport in human history?

It depends on the way you look at it. The most popular sports were: Long ago, in the time of the Mayans, there was a ball game that men played. Then, it was the most popular sport. At the times of the Ancient Romans, the most popular sport was to see gladiators fight each other in a Coliseum. Today, in America, the most popular sport is football. Now, if you look at it from the point of which sport helps your body the most, most experts say it is swimming, because you have to use your arms, legs, and pretty much the whole rest of you body.

All the most popular sport in us?

American football is, but baseball is America's favorite pass time

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