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Micheal Powell once scored 89 points in a Lacrosse game

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Genrally attack players do because midfielders normally dump it off to them

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Tim Stratton of Towson University

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A team beat the other

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Q: What was the most goals in a lacrosse game?
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How many goals must be scored to win a game of lacrosse?

Goals don't matter it is whoever has the most points at the end of the 4 12 minute quarters.

What lacrosse player scored the most goals?

Troy Vance

How many goals in a lacrosse game is considered good?

3 is usually good but lacrosse is all about scoring goals assists are just as great along with ground balls and big hits

What is the greatest lacrosse head?

it does not really matter that matters is if your comfortable with your head like my lacrosse head stinks and i score like 5 goals a game

Why are the goals rectangular for lacrosse?

In boys lacrosse, the nets are square; 6' by 6'

Where can someone purchase good lacrosse goals?

Lacrosse Monkey and Sports Authority both carry good lacrosse goals. Dicks Sporting Goods and the LAX lacrosse site also have many available, each at various prices.

How is a lacrosse field setup?

two goals acicle the goals and a 110ft field

Why are lacrosse goals orange?

So you can better see them against the green grass. It also helps so you can see them in a snowy game

Is there a lacrosse TV show?

Lacrosse Goals, 13 X 30 minutes, 2007 APTN

How many points is a goal worth in the National Lacrosse League?

A goal is worth 1 point. Or 2 from outside the restraining box.

Who has the most goals in one game?

Mitchell Robinson with 69 goals in one game

How long is a youth lacrosse game?

Most youth lacrosse games have 4 12 minute quarters but in most tournaments there are two 20 minute halves.