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Mantle used Rawlings gloves. (and maybe a Spalding baseman's mitt but that was made by Rawlings anyway.) That's common knowledge. He used different model numbers but basically the same glove in the 60's. A few were sold at auction (the 60's types XPG gloves) and the 50's is in the hall of fame now. There's a gentleman in Pittsburgh who has Mantle's gloves. Why do you want to know?If you're looking to buy then I suggest you save up about 1/4 million bucks because that's what the 60's ones sell for. The 50's one in the HOF would probably be much more than that.

AnswerHe generally wore the spalding xpg pro. However, I have an 8x11 picture of him and Roger Maris together in the home dugout. He is wearing a Spalding. Has his name hand printed down the thumb. Answermickey mantle used a rawlings mit. he started with the HH model "Harvey Haddix" before mantle himself had a contract with rawlings to make his own model. his first personal model was a MM 50's model it was the same as the HH model he had been using now with his name on the glove. then he went to a MMP model and it is basicly the same as the MM only the thumb on the glove is longer its now even with the rest of the fingers instead of being a little shorter. now comes the XPG6 he used in the 60's two models here also. the first and second are about the same. heres the diff. the early had his block signaure old style and the thumb of the glove has a two strip leather adjustment top outside. also the top of the fingers are crossed laced along he top of the fingers. the lattter glove has his more known signature looping M's no thumb adj. and now the top of the lacing on the fingers is X lace meaning it was a new and stronger lacing tech. that madethe fingers hold together better after that when he went to first base it is said he used a spaulding but most top of the line spauldings were made by rawlings. that's why most of the 60's rawlings spuladings glove are very similar. I've never seen a picture of him wearing a spaulding though. so after he went to first it a gray area for me. store model mantle gloves just like the ones he used are out there look on eBay the MM model's sell for 600 plus in really good condition the MMP about 400 plus and the XPG6 250 to some even out pacing the MMP around 350 for really nice models
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Q: What was the model and make of Mickey Mantle's glove?
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