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No mascot was recorded.

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Q: What was the mascot for 1952 Olympics?
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Which is the new mascot for Beijing Olympics?

the mascot for the 2008 Olympics is fuwa

What is America's mascot for the Olympics?

The only mascot at the Olympics is the host city's.

What was the mascot of the 1992 Olympics?

Cobi, a Catalan sheepdog, was the mascot of the 1992 Olympics.

What year was cobi the mascot was in the Olympics in the Olympics?

1992 Barcelona

What are the mascot winter Olympics?


Where were the 1952 Olympics held?

The 1952 Winter Olympics were held in Oslo, Norway and the 1952 Summer Olympics were held in Helsinki, Finland.

What are some of the Olympics mascot?

wenlock and mandeville

Is the mascot for Olympics 2012 wenlock a boy?


What is the oldest olympics mascot?

stinky hit

At which Olympic games was Hodori mascot?

Hodori was the mascot for the1988 Seoul Summer Olympics.

What is 1980 Olympic mascot in Mascow?

The mascot of the 1980 Moscow Olympics was a bear named Misha.

What was the mascot like for 1964 summer Olympics?

they did not have one

When were the Olympics in Finland?

In 1952.

What are the mascots of the 2010 Winter Olympics?

The 2010 Winter Olympics Mascot's Are Quatchi,Sumi,and Miga.

What was the mascot of the 1992 Barcelona olympics?

It is Cobi the sheep dog :)

What was the name of the mascot of the 1980 moscow Olympics?

Misha the bear.

When was the first time a mascot was used at an Olympics?

400years ago

When were the helsinki Olympics?

Helsinki held the Summer Olympics in 1952.

What is the purpose of the Olympic mascot?

The Olympic mascot is a marketing device to get more people interested in watching or attending the Olympics.

What year was copper a mascot?

Copper was a coyote, a mascot in the Olympics in 2002, located in Salt Lake City, In the USA.

Who is the mascot of the 2012 Winter Youth Olympics?

The official 2012 Youth Olympic Games Mascot's name is Yoggl.

What was the last Olympic mascot?

The most recent Olympic mascot for the 2004 Athens Summer Olympics were Athena and Phevos. The most recent Olympic mascot for the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics were Neve, a female snowball, and Gliz, a male ice block.

What are the release dates for Our Miss Brooks - 1952 Madison Mascot 3-28?

Our Miss Brooks - 1952 Madison Mascot 3-28 was released on: USA: 20 May 1955

Which animal was chosen as the mascot for the 1972 munich Olympics?

The Dachshund "waldi"

In the 2000 Sydney Olympics what did the mascot Millie- the Echidna represent?