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The mascot of the 1980 Moscow Olympics was a bear named Misha.

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Q: What is 1980 Olympic mascot in Mascow?
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Who was the mascot for the 1980 Summer Olympic?

Misha The Bear Cub

What country made goofy their olympic mascot in 1980?


Name the mascot of the 1980 olympic games in moscow?

Misha the bear.

What Country made Sport Goofy their official Olympic mascot in 1980?


What Country made Goofy their Official Olympic Mascot in 1980?

Russia, Dude!

Is Wenlock the Olympic mascot or the Paralympic mascot?

Wenlock is the Olympic mascot

Which winter olympic mascot was copper the coyote?

copper winter olympic mascot

Who was the mascot of the 1980 summer Olympics games?

The mascot of the 1980 Olympic games in Moscow was a bear cub called Misha. The bear was chosen as it was the national symbol of the Soviet Union. The Olympic Games have had a mascot since the 1968 Winter Olympics in Grenoble, France. Misha was the first major mascot in the Olympic Games. Misha was used extensively during the opening and closing ceremonies, had a TV animated cartoon and appeared on several merchandise products.

Was there an Olympic mascot in 1956?

No, there wasn't a mascot in 1956, but there was an Olympic logo thingie that was the main substances.

What is the purpose of the Olympic mascot?

The Olympic mascot is a marketing device to get more people interested in watching or attending the Olympics.

Who will be carrying the Olympic torch in Dover?

The Olympic mascot - Wendover.

Does the Nicaraguan Olympic team have a mascot?


Did they have a 1936 olympic mascot?

no they dident

Who is the most famous Olympic mascot?


What was the name of the second Olympic mascot?


The Mascot of the 2008 Olympic Games is?


What was the name of the 1996 Olympic mascot?


What is the mascot for the blue olympic ring?


Is Mukmuk a Olympic mascot?

no. he is a official sidekick

What is the name of mascot Olympic games?


What animal was the first olympic mascot?

The first official Olympic mascot was Waldi the dachshund in 1972 at the Munich Olympic Games. Though in Mexico and prior to this there were unofficial mascots as well.

At which Olympic games was Hodori mascot?

Hodori was the mascot for the1988 Seoul Summer Olympics.

Who was the first ever olympic mascot?

Waldi was in the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany and he was a Dashund. He took the place of the first Olympic mascot

What was the name of the 1980 Olympics bear cub mascot?

The Moscow Olympic bear "Misha" was developed by the renowned illustrator of children's books Victor Chizikov.

What was the last Olympic mascot?

The most recent Olympic mascot for the 2004 Athens Summer Olympics were Athena and Phevos. The most recent Olympic mascot for the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics were Neve, a female snowball, and Gliz, a male ice block.